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    Mushroom, Asparagus, And Cheese Omelet

    By Linda Smith
    Went shopping yesterday was out of alot of things found some really nice looking mushrooms and...

    My Favorite Spring Omelete

    By Linda Smith
    In the spring I start thinking of Morels and Fresh Asparagus this is what I do...

    Coconut Oil Muffins

    By Barbery Faulkner
    This muffin recipe is very versatile and is healthier then most of the ones that I've...

    Coconut Oil Body Scrub

    By Jessica Hannan
    I get really itchy and really dry skin...and this once every week or two really helps! I...

    Refinish Wood with Coconut Oil

    By Kimberly Biegacki
    Now I know that probably many of you already knew about this; however, I didn't and...

    Brown Sugar and Coconut oil Body Scrub

    By Martha Aguirre
    This recipe not only does it leave you skin nice, soft and glowing, but leaves you...

    Chocolaty Pudding Pie With Blind Baked Coconut Oil Crust

    By Jo Zimny
    This is very rich and creamy. The crust is blind baked and so flaky. To...

    Coconut Oil Recipe to prevent hair loss

    By Martha Aguirre
    I love to use coconut oil, I use it for my face, body and hair. This...

    Coconut Oil Pie Crust

    By Pat Duran
    This recipe from coconut recipes cookbook is so good with banana cream pie- If you...

    Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter

    By Stormy Stewart
    With this recipe you can add any kind of Essential oil or scent you wish. I...

    Coconut Oil, Banana and honey Mask for Normal/ Dry skin

    By Martha Aguirre
    I perssonally use this mask, I make it once a week, leaves my skin nice and...

    HOW TO: Measure Cold Coconut Oil (or shortening)

    By Victoria Meyers
    Coconut oil is hard, when its just cooler than room temperature, and its not even a...
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