#Mexican Rice Recipes

Authentic Mexican Rice

"Authentic" Mexican Rice

By Danita Carr
For a LONG time I've been a lover of all foods Mexican....except rice. It wasn't...
Arroz (spanish Rice)

Arroz (Spanish Rice)

By Letty W
Arroz can complement almost any main entrée. I hope you like this easy recipe.
Matt's Mexican Rice(fishing Trip)

Matt's Mexican rice(Fishing trip)

By Matthew Peterson
My buddy mike taught me how to make this on our guys fishing trip to the...
This Is My Spanish Rice I Made With Carne Asada, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Pico De Galo, Advocado And Re Fried Beans (i Cheated On The Beans The Came From A Can) I Prefer Home Made :)

Spanish Rice

By Heidi Edwards
I normally do this by memory, I don't really have a "Recipe" I use for it....