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    Melt in your mouth cinnamon pie

    By sherry monfils
    I love serving this delicious biscuit/cinnamon pie as a morning treat on Sundays! So easy to...

    Melt in your mouth morning muffins

    By sherry monfils
    I love these muffins for breakfast, but they're just as good for a snack!

    Melt in your mouth beef stew~slow cooker

    By Candy Mikolajcik
    I made this for my husband and son. I added homemade biscuits to complete the meal....

    Melt in your mouth BBQ Ribs (oven)

    By Krystal McDow
    This isn't a weight watcher recipe. However, I always like putting the weight watcher points for...

    Strawberry Melt In Your Mouth Cake

    By Margie Kirkman
    Makes a great cake for a picnic,This is a very mosited and wonderful cake.Your friends will...

    Melt In Your Mouth Chickenpie

    By Barbara Gabriel
    Got this recipe from a neighbor of mine.I always make this for my family's special occasions....

    Melt in Your Mouth Orange-Yogurt Pancakes

    By Lindsey McCue
    These pancakes are so simple and really do melt in your mouth! You have to use...

    Melt In Your Mouth Cranberry Pie

    By Billie Neal
    This recipe comes from a 1968 recipe book titled,"Favorite Recipes From Church of GOD Ladies". Each...

    Mertzie's Melt-in-your Mouth Salmon with Paprika

    By Michelle Koletar/Mertz
    I just started using Spanish Smoked Paprika & I am in love with it! My...

    Melt In Your Mouth Chicken Pot Pie

    By Jennifer Fowler Hunsucker
    I found this recipe in a community cookbook called Food and Friends Forever. And, it melts...
    Bacon Recipes That Go Beyond Breakfast

    Bacon Recipes That Go Beyond Breakfast

    Bacon, how do I love thee? I’m not sure I can count the ways. It’s my go-to meat alongside eggs or on a breakfast sandwich. But, I don’t restrict my bacon enjoyment only to morning-time. If you like bacon as much as I do, you have to check out these Blue Ribbon recipes. “So easy, […]

    25 Desserts Made With Boxed Pudding

    25 Desserts Made With Boxed Pudding

    Boxed pudding is tasty and convenient. But, want to know how you can make it better? Transform it into a pie, cake, frosting, and even fruit salad. Who knew so many treats could start with a box of pudding? If you’ve been organizing your pantry and realize how many boxes of pudding were hidden, used […]

    16 Recipes With Velveeta

    16 Recipes With Velveeta

    Name a food item more polarizing than Velveeta – we’ll wait. You either love or hate this cheese. While it isn’t a pantry item we use every day, we do love the soft and smooth texture Velveeta adds to some of our favorite recipes. Queso, macaroni and cheese, hot pockets, and more wouldn’t be the […]