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The Medieval Kitchen

By Penny Hall
Six recipes from The Medieval Kitchen appear below. On the left, in italics, is the original...

Medieval Leeks and Mushrooms

By Maureen Martin
I adapted this recipe from one in an out-of-print edition of the SCA handbook (SCA =...

Baked Pears (a medieval treat!)

By Tessa Pasquill
I really enjoy cooking and medieval history so I thought I would divulge into medieval cookery....

French Medieval Desserts …

By Penny Hall
Medieval Desserts will add an exciting and SUCCULENT touch to your kitchen. AUTHENTIC recipes that are...

Elizabethan Food and Drink varied according to status and wealth....

By Penny Hall
Violet Cakes To make Violet Cakes Take them clipped clean from the whites and their weight in...

Medieval Blanc Mange/ Blank Maunger (Redacted)

By Sasha Kamen
The true origin of the blanc mange is obscure, but it is believed that it was...

Braided bread with Sugar and Milk

By Stacy Hammond
I made this for a medieval Halloween dinner for the first time and loved it. Also...

Simnel Cake

By Maureen Martin
Instructions retooled 09 March 2020 Lacto-ovo-vegetarian safe. I adapted this from a recipe I got at a renaissance...

Almond Milk

By Karen Feinen
Almond milk was a staple in medieval cookery, rather than milk from animals, such as cows...

Game Stew With Cider and Apples

By Marion Wilting
I had this in a medieval knight's pub in Torquai ten years ago. The cider is...
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