#Meatless Recipes

Piccadilly Circles Ii Recipe

Piccadilly Circles II

By Beth M.
Often we don't eat much at supper time and meatless meals are perfect. I usually...

My Eden Salad Recipe


By deborah boggs
I stumbled upon this combination one day when I did not have enough of what I...

Black Bean And Red Pepper Salsa Recipe

Black Bean and Red Pepper Salsa

By Gary Loewenthal
Adapted from "The Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook" (http://www.amazon.com/Jewish-Vegetarian-Year-Cookbook/dp/0916288439), by Roberta Kalechofsky. The cookbook has a variety...

Pasta Bean Soup Recipe

Pasta Bean Soup

By Cara Starsick
This is a spicy soup, mostly because I wasn't wearing glasses first time I made it...

Tortilla Rollups Recipe

Tortilla Rollups

By Tonna Canfield
I love tortilla rollups and have eaten many different varieties. When coming up with recipes for...