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British, American, and Canadian measurements

By Marcia McCance
I found this at the steamedpuddingevangelist(dot)com web site. (I'm still trying to see if I can...

Heirloom Measurements from Grandma

By Marcia McCance
Thanks to the helpfulness of JoeyJoan K. here on JAP I now have a resource for...

HOW TO: Measure Cold Coconut Oil (or shortening)

By Victoria Meyers
Coconut oil is hard, when its just cooler than room temperature, and its not even a...

Kitchen Craft Brownies-Gift in a Measuring Bowl w/lid

By Kimi Gaines
When I was a Pampered Chef Consultant I use to make these up to give away...

Weights & Measures

By Belinda Loucks
How many times have you had to stop and think . . . how much of...


By sallye bates
This chart might help some of us who struggle with conversions

Equivalent Measures and Abbreviations

By Jeanne Benavidez
This breakdown of measurements will help you with your cooking and baking when interpreting the difference...

Measurement Conversion Table

By Goldene Springer
Always looking this up, thought I'd post it.


By Carole F
Ever question a recipe when it calls for ounces of something verses cups, etc. Here...

How To Measure Pan Sizes

By star pooley
Ever get ready to make a recipe only to find that you do not have the...
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