#Martini Recipes

New Orleans Mint Julep Recipe

New Orleans Mint Julep

By donna morales
Do not drink and drive EVER!
Cajun Martini Recipe

Cajun Martini

By donna morales
Do not drink and drive EVER!
Drema's Redd Fizz Martini Recipe

Drema's "Redd Fizz" Martini

By Drema Bryant
A very light and refreshing drink using pomegranate juice. I can only say it's red and...
Drema's Pomatini Martini Recipe

Drema's "Pomatini" Martini

By Drema Bryant
Great drink - basically replacing cranberry juice with the new kid on the block - Pomegranate...
Drema's Scarlet O Martini Recipe

Drema's "Scarlet O" Martini

By Drema Bryant
A personal fave of mine being I love tequila! Quite a punch but so was...
Drema's Pom-pom Daiquiri Recipe

Drema's "Pom-Pom" Daiquiri

By Drema Bryant
I feel this to be my tropical escape when I can not get to coast or...
Shirlie's Blue Angel Snowcone'tini Recipe

Shirlie's "Blue Angel" SnowCone'Tini

By S I
For my birthday, my mom & her fiance took me to an Italian restaurant for dinner....
Double~chocolate Truffletini Recipe

Double~Chocolate Truffletini

By Kelly Williams
Heaven, pure heaven. (Photo from bing images/that'sthespirit.com)
Bikini Martini Recipe

Bikini Martini

By Lynette Gibbons
These are a great drink for sipping poolside. Sweet but not overly so!
Mounds Martini Recipe

Mounds Martini

By Lori Mead
My husband and I love this recipe. They really taste like a Mounds bar. I discovered...
Holiday Martini Recipe


By Laura Spencer-Whitacre
This is now my favorite little martini, who would of ever thought, it all comes in...
Holiday Chocolate Cake Martini Recipe

Holiday Chocolate Cake Martini

By Cassie *
This drink really does taste like chocolate cake.. For those who like their cocktails on the sweet...
The Cutie Martini Recipe

The Cutie Martini

By Teressa Drenth
This recipe has been modified several times from the "Skinny Clementine Martini" from Betty Crocker. ...
Peach Melba Martini For Two Recipe

Peach Melba Martini for Two

By Robin Arquilla
I've made several variations, but this is my favorite.This is my "go to" when I want...
Classic Dirty Di Martini Recipe

Classic Dirty Di Martini

By Dianne Hocut
I do not have these too often... thank goodness. But, when I do have a cocktail...
The Gotham Martini Recipe

The Gotham Martini

By Robin Arquilla
This is a sentimental favorite of mine. Not too sweet, a dark lavender color- and with...
Orange Mango Martini Recipe

Orange Mango Martini

By Nor Mac
I had a drink similar to this a while back. I didn't quite know what was...
Mango Madness Cosmo Recipe

Mango Madness Cosmo

By Nor Mac
This drink is a result of a girls night. I order a drink similar to...
Brazilian Martini Recipe

Brazilian Martini

By Lynette !
From Guy Fieri. South America wasn't offered as a region, so I had to pick...
Watermelon Sunshine  Vodka Martini Recipe

Watermelon Sunshine Vodka Martini

By Nor Mac
I created this Martini. The orange and agave syrup add a lot to a simple drink....
Poison Apple Recipe

Poison Apple

By Amy Herald
I serve this every year at our Halloween party. This is definitely the drink I get...
Blood Clot Recipe

Blood Clot

By Amy Herald
If you like cinnamon, this cocktail is absolutely delicious!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Martini Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Martini

By Sue Huhn
This is from Tipsy Bartender, here is a video on how to make this martini. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-ZP6OdfrKk&feature=youtu.be