#Marinate Recipes

Amish Barbecued Chicken--bonnie's


By Bonnie .
This Amish recipe for barbecued chicken is the best that we have ever tasted, and you...
Shish Taouk (shish Tawook)

Shish Taouk (Shish Tawook)

By Karen Lowrey
This is a great Lebanese grilled chicken kabob recipe. You mix up the marinade, drop...
Carne Asada Marinate With Steaks In It!


By Valerie Butler
Carne Asada is one of the best most flavorful steaks you can have. This is...
Tomato & Cucumber Summer Salad By Freda

Tomato & Cucumber Summer salad By Freda

Harvesting Tomatoes and Cukes, and We love this Simple to put together Fresh "Chunky" Garden Salad. This...
Texas Caviar Dip

Texas Caviar Dip

By Shadow Heart
The caviar of cowboys! serve corn chips or chips.This is the one dish the guys want...
Red Wine Balsamic Grilled Chicken

Red Wine Balsamic Grilled Chicken

By Kim Biegacki
I got lucky the other night looking thru some old photos and found these. I searched...
The Thigh's The Limit

The Thigh's the Limit

By Carla Weston
This is so easy and delicious and figure friendly too

Awesome Chile Marinated Baked or Grilled Chicken

By Andy Anderson !
I love chicken… there are so many things that you can do with it. In this...
Sweet & Tangy Bbq Chicken Breast (oven Or Grill!)

Sweet & Tangy BBQ Chicken Breast (oven or grill!)

By Amy Herald
this is a super quick and easy barbecued chicken breast from the oven or grill!