#Malt Recipes

Peabody's Malted Blondies Recipe

Peabody's Malted Blondies

By Erin Ellefsen
I love malt in anything and everything. The hint of malt in the base, the chocolate...
Beer Batter Fried Fish And Malt Vinegar -- Bonnie's Recipe


By Bonnie ^O^ .
Instead of running to the fish and chips place in your neighborhood, such as Long John...
Strawberry Peachy Pineapple Power Up Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Peachy Pineapple Power Up Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
Great Smoothie for the AM, had it today pretty early and helped me stay full for...
Banana And Mango Smalt Recipe

Banana and Mango "Smalt"

By Barbara Oseland
I call these my "Smalts" because they are not quite a malt. They do have fruit,...
Vanilla Banana And Coffee Breakfast Power Smoothie Recipe

Vanilla Banana and Coffee Breakfast Power Smoothie

By Barbara Oseland
This recipe I just kinda opened the fridge and pantry and threw it all in a...
Chocolate Malted Cake W/ Strawberry Malt Frosting Recipe

Chocolate Malted Cake w/ Strawberry Malt Frosting

By Melissa Turner
My three very favorite things to eat for dessert are strawberries, chocolate and any flavor malts....
Mississippi Malted Mud Puddles Recipe

Mississippi Malted Mud Puddles

By Melissa Buchanan-Smith
Years ago, I copied this down from a novel I was reading in which the lead...
Fountain-style Vanilla Malt Shake Recipe

Fountain-Style Vanilla Malt Shake

By Nina Salazar
Malt powder adds a little something to this old fashion vanilla milkshake.