#Main Dish Recipes

Jun 8, 2020

Quick Cheesy Potatoes

By Maggie M
This is a combination of Au Gratin and Scalloped style .. and whatever you want to...
Apr 20, 2020

Jodie's Slumgullion Stew

By JoSele Swopes
This is go to dinner for leftovers and just because on a night you want something...
Apr 15, 2020

Irish Stew

By Amy Herald
Fun Fact: One of the earliest references to ‘Irish Stew’ is in 'The Devil's Drive: An...
Apr 4, 2020

Chicken with garlic vegetable tomato sauce polenta

By Ramona's Cuisine -
I generally cook all three dishes simultaneously so they all come out ready at once. If...
Feb 1, 2020

Vegan mushrooms and polenta

By Ramona's Cuisine -
I recommend you add the cornmeal little by little as you will need to learn about...
Nov 6, 2019

Pork and seafood risotto with turmeric

By Ramona's Cuisine -
I sometimes prefer starting by cooking the seafood in the pan with a knob of butter,...
Oct 21, 2019

Skillet chicken and olive pesto sauce bake

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Long peppers It’s a nice ingredient to use particularly paired with turmeric as it helps with absorption...
Oct 13, 2019

Yellow Squash Casserole

By Elizabeth D
My husband had talked for years about one of his favorite dishes growing up -- his...
Sep 14, 2019


By Bonnie .
This recipe started out to be a baked zucchini side dish, that is, until I reached...
Jul 3, 2019

Gnocchi recipe with asparagus, peppers and mascarp

By Ramona's Cuisine -
* To decrease the time of cooking the potatoes you can microwave them (if...
Jun 4, 2019

Pilau rice with wild garlic and stinging nettles

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Sprinkle a spoonful or two of Parmesan cheese over for extra flavour and creaminess if you...
May 25, 2019

Organic red quinoa with beets, olives, red onion

By Ramona's Cuisine -
I have used a really nice winter salad mix consisting of mustard red and green frills,...
May 6, 2019

Salmon and crudités salad with coconut blossom

By Ramona's Cuisine -
I always have a blend of quite a few types of seeds and nuts available. Nice and...
Mar 20, 2019

Nettle & chickpeas salad

By Ramona's Cuisine -
* If using dry chickpeas, rinse those and soak in water- preferably the night before. If...
Dec 19, 2018

Herby barley couscous with chipotle halloumi

By Ramona's Cuisine -
For the dressing: 3-4 tbsp olive oil 3-4 tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp chipotle paste 1 tsp honey or maple...
Aug 2, 2018

Beetroot and Halloumi cheese burgers on flat bread

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Enjoy these vegetarian homemade beetroot and Halloumi cheese burgers, perfect match to a beef burger or...
Jul 25, 2018

Pork medallions with seven grains and vegetables

By Ramona's Cuisine -
This lean and tender pork medallions, crispy outside and moist on the inside with steamed seven...
Jul 22, 2018

Deli Pasta Salad by Maggie

By Maggie M
We both love a good deli style pasta salad but have never been truly happy with...
Jul 18, 2018

Gem lettuce, chicken and apple little boats

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Hussle and fuss free these gem lettuce, chicken and apple little boats can save you plenty...
Jun 8, 2018

Chicken Waldorf Salad

By Marlene Fields
My husband and I both love this as a main dish salad. What could be easier,...
Feb 2, 2018

Mmmm Bacon Cheeseburger Soup From The Instant Pot!

By Amy Herald
I love soup, I love cheeseburgers, so this pretty much puts them together for an awesome...
Nov 9, 2017

~ Cassie's Comforting Chicken & Noodles ~

By Cassie *
I made this easy, tasty meal for my mom to help out while ill. She loved...
Nov 7, 2017

Side Essentials: Bacon/Cheese Smashed Taters

By Andy Anderson !
Oh, you are going to love these babies… they are rustic starters that hit all...
Jul 19, 2017

Pineapple Infused Chicken Pasta Salad

By Sara Andrea
Good for dinner, great for a pot luck - always a favorite.
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