Seafood Recipes

yesterday at 6:14 PM

Seafood Laksa (Malaysian Coconut Curry)

By barbara lentz
This is such a versatile dish since you can pick your own topping and proteins. Add...
Wednesday at 12:01 PM

Kato's Quick and Easy Lobster Lettuce Wrap

By Baby Kato
I live in the east coast of Canada and am fortunate to get fresh seafood on...
May 29, 2021

Traci's Famous New England Clam Chowdahhhh

By Traci Howard
I hope you enjoy this as much as our family and friends have for years! The...
May 20, 2021

Smoked Salmon Wrap

By Debbie Sue
My favorite breakfast/lunch restaurant serves this tasty wrap. It's really HUGE, and I always share with...
May 10, 2021

Low Country Boil MMB

By Melanie B
This is a very flexible no recipe recipe. The way I said is my favorite feeds 6-8...
Apr 24, 2021

Shrimp Kabobs

By Terrie Hoelscher
These have an oriental flair! Serve over a bed of shredded lettuce that has slivered almonds...
Apr 10, 2021

Vietnamese Style Spinach & Shrimp Soup

By barbara lentz
This spinach and shrimp soup is delicious.
Apr 2, 2021

Spicy Shrimp Scampi w/Penne Pasta

By Monika Rosales
Super Easy, Super delicious anytime meal in under 30 mins.
Mar 31, 2021

Jen's Eastern Shore Herbed Shrimp Cakes

By Jen Smallwood
This recipe is very special to me - as this recipe was also picked and printed...
Mar 24, 2021


By BonniE !
This can be an appetizer or an entree, your choice. Very easy to prepare and have...
Mar 18, 2021

Turmeric Lemon Butter Basted Cod

By Jennifer H
I got some turmeric salt because I seem to be obsessed with turmeric lately. I wasn't...
Mar 11, 2021

Seared Scallops with Garlic Butter

By barbara lentz
Quick and easy dish and so delicious
Mar 9, 2021

Maple Ginger Scallops

By Francine Lizotte
This quick and easy recipe is so delicious and elegant.
Feb 20, 2021

Shrimp Pasta Salad - Waco Style

By Michelle Waco
This is my spin on my Mom's famous shrimp salad - adapted for my DH's tastes...
Feb 19, 2021

Seafood Enchiladas

By Amy H.
Fun Fact: May 5th is National Enchilada Day!!!
Feb 14, 2021

Ginger Shrimp

By barbara lentz
good shrimp
Feb 12, 2021

Tuna Steaks w Honey Mustard & Mashed Taro

By barbara lentz
Taro root in so much like potatoes but with a more earthy taste. Great dish
Feb 11, 2021

Shanghai Shrimp

By barbara lentz
Fingered licken good.
Feb 9, 2021

Moules Marinière

By Francine Lizotte
Elegant and quick & easy to make, this classic recipe is so tasty and can be...
Feb 4, 2021

Crazy Good Cod Patties

By Debbie Sue
These cod patties are great served on a butter toasted bun. Yum, topped with a...
Jan 31, 2021


By BonniE !
I love this simple and delicious basic recipe for cooking shrimp in the Air Fryer. ...
Jan 23, 2021

Shrimp and Pasta - Connie's

By Connie Ottman
Our family has enjoyed this light yummy dish for a long time. We live in Florida...
Jan 19, 2021


By Tere Gill
These delicious oysters are lightly crunchy on the outside and soft and delectably succulent on the...
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