For Kids Healthy Main Dish Salads Recipes

Apr 25, 2016

Shrimp Pasta Salad

By Michelle Flory
My girls love this. I make it with left over steamed shrimp.
Mar 28, 2016

Spring Salad Stack-Up

By Tam D
This salad is so good even the pre-schoolers ate it. It's wonderful for a quick,...
Jan 19, 2016


By Ellen Bales
Tasty wintertime salad to go with pasta or whatever! Recipe & photo: BH&G 01-19-16
Oct 15, 2015


By Ellen Bales
Recipe from Taylor Farms Organic Photo from 10-15-2015
Sep 29, 2015

The Incredible, Edible Amish Haystack Dinner

By Family Favorites
I just returned from a trip to an Amish community where this incredible dish was served...
Sep 24, 2015

Fall Apple Salad

By Melanie Campbell
Make the most of the fall apple harvast with a simple vinaigrette that highlights fresh apples,...
Sep 5, 2015

Simple & Easy Pasta Salad

By Sarah McCormick
This pasta salad is light and flavorful, perfect for the heat of summer and nice enough...
Sep 4, 2015

Classic Tuna Pasta Salad

By C P
This crunchy tuna pasta salad is something I have been making for years for my family....
Aug 18, 2015

7 Layer Salad with Ranch Dressing

By Jane Kaylie
This one doesn't have red onions. So add them and call it 8 Layer Salad!
Jul 16, 2015

one "Jumbled Waldorf"

By Jen Smallwood
one crazy tasting take on a the "waldorf" - this one has chucks of chicken, tart...
Jul 15, 2015

How To Make Spicy Potato Salad

By Adnan khan
Spicy potato salad the name only indicates that it was spicy ya that's right but not...
Jul 4, 2015

Avocado Salad Recipe

By Sandy Lafleur
Can be used on 1 slice of toast as a half sandwich or crackers as a...
Jun 11, 2015

Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

By Joanne Hendriksen
This Salad is packed full of flavor and really doesn't need much dressing thanks to the...
Jun 4, 2015

Potato Salad Surprise

By Pat Duran
This is a great recipe ;I forgot about this one..I was talking to my mom on...
May 31, 2015

Blueberry Walnut Salad

By Eileen Hineline
I love Blueberries and i love salad, together they make a great healthy salad and this...
Apr 14, 2015

Grandmother's Seafood Salad

By Melanie B
My ex-husband's Grandmother made this every year for Thanksgiving and my MIL makes it at Christmas...
Mar 31, 2015

No Fuss Baby Lettuce Salad

By Joanne Hendriksen
This salad is tasty with sesame sticks or pretzels. Remember to eat 5 fruits & vegetables...
Mar 24, 2015

Apple Pecan Grilled Chicken Dinner Salad

By Family Favorites
My husband is completely obsessed with Wendy's Apple Pecan Salad and asked me to duplicate it...
Mar 23, 2015

Family Favorite Crab Pasta Salad (Quick & Easy)

By Family Favorites
This is a wonderful, tasty, semi-homemade, go-to salad recipe that I use often in the spring...
Feb 20, 2015

Little Momma's Simple Egg Salad

By Kim Biegacki
My "Little Momma" is simple in her cooking that's for sure! I was surprised when she...
Feb 18, 2015

Chicken Ranch & Bacon Club Pasta Salad

By Eileen Hineline
I like to make my salads from scratch and everything has to be fresh but sometimes...
Feb 11, 2015

California Tuna Parmesan

By Eileen Hineline
I enjoy foods that are lite and healthy and good for you. I found this recipe...
Feb 8, 2015

Potatoes With Beans N Pasta.

By Eileen Hineline
My oldest son can't stand potatoes. He will eat them if it is all I have...
Oct 17, 2014

MarthaRayDeen's Curried Chicken Salad

By Martha Ray Deen
This is a quick and easy chicken salad that is great in a "wrap". You...
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