Chicken Recipes

Holy Trinity Jambalaya Stew

By Sherry Peyton
This is my version of a Cajun classic. Oh once you start eating, you can't stop....

Creamy Cheesy Gooey Enchilada Casserole

By Michelle Griggs
This gets made weekly at our house! My hubs should probably join an enchiladas support group...

Lean Green Pozole

By Becky Lightsey
Gluten free remade recipe from Carol Kicinski

Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

By Virginia (Ginger) Dean
Naturally, fried chicken is considered Southern cuisine. Folks young and old enjoy good fried chicken... especially...

Spinach Chicken Salad Sandwich

By Karen Sills
My own invented recipe for my cookbook!


By Sandy Mika
I make tamales probably only once a year but when I do I make a lot...

Chicken Spaghetti

By Jolayne Cooper
This is a Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond recipe. We enjoyed it and I thought you...

Shari's Chicken Stir Fry

By Greg Appel
I am very proud to offer to you my wifes first original recipe. Over our last 15...

Chicken Satay w/Spicy Coconut Peanut Sauce

By Kimberly Biegacki
We just love this dish even more now that I use the Ninja to make it....

Quick Chicken and Cheese Tamales

By Elaine Laskowski
These are so easy to make. I love tamales but didn't want the hassle of...

FFried Chicken Smuthered in Tomato Gravy

By Areatha Daniels
This is something i've eaten all my life. Exspecially this time of year, with an...

Honey - Garlic - Chicken Stir Fry

By Cassie *
Yum...a quick, yet tasty meal! Enjoy! My photos

Chicken Fried Rice

By Amy Ramnarine
A quick and easy recipe for leftover chicken


By Ellen Bales
This is a recipe that has been tweaked by me from several other recipes, so who...

Homemade Chicken and Apple Smoked Sausages

By Tammy Brownlow
Making your own homemade sausage is easier than you think! I actually prefer skinless sausages...

Shore Chicken

By Kathryn Brown
Called 'Shore Chicken' because the first time I made it was a family vacation at the...

Chicken Almond Ding

By Lynn Dine
This is a recipe I found on my site and it states: "This Chicken...

Bar B Q Chicken Quesadillas

By Pat Duran
These were so good..our son was here for lunch and said,"I usually don't like Honey...

Sesame-Ginger Stir-Fry

By Beverley Williams
You can vary the amount of red pepper flakes to taste depending on how spicy you...

Alice Springs Chicken

By barbara lentz
I love the Alice Springs Chicken and Quesadilla's at Outback Restaurant. These breasts are just as...

Fireman Bob's Smoky Chicken and Mushrooms my way..

By Bob Cooney
Have You ever " found " yourself in the mood for something ???? ND JUST...

Gary's Strange Flavored Chicken

By gary bannon
We have a neighborhood Chinese restaurant that we love and have been going to for years....

~ Dandy Deviled Chicken Patties ~

By Cassie *
Pure awesomeness! My family gobbled these delicious patties right up, and were looking for more. These...
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