Chicken Recipes Pressure Cooker/Instant Pot

Bill Is Digging In!
Sunday, May 17 at 6:39 PM


By Bonnie .
We loved this simple recipe which yielded such high results in the taste department. Oh,...
A Colourful And Delicious Chicken With Garlic, Tomato Sauce And Polenta Dish Using Chicken Legs Some Root Vegetables In A Tomato Sauce And The Polenta, Ingredients That Go So Well Together , A Fabulous Marriage That Will Impress Anyone's Taste Buds.
Apr 4, 2020

Chicken with garlic vegetable tomato sauce polenta

By Ramona's Cuisine -
I generally cook all three dishes simultaneously so they all come out ready at once. If...
Honey Garlic Chicken With Sesame Seeds, Served With Fried Rice.
Feb 20, 2020

Instant pot honey garlic chicken

By Amber Vangerud
I love Chinese dishes & I wanted to try this one. It's a more sweeter based...
~ Ip Egg Roll Bowl ( Keto) ~
Dec 30, 2019

~ IP Egg Roll Bowl ( keto) ~

By Cassie *
Been making this delicious dish for 2 years now and is one of my all time...
Square Plate With Yellowish Colored Curry Sitting On Top Fluffy White Rice.
Dec 15, 2019

Instant Pot Indian Butter Chicken (Lactose-free)

By C C
I have multiple people reminding me they want this recipe after trying it at potlucks, so...
Chicken Cooked In Turmeric Herb
Aug 10, 2019

Chicken Turmeric

By Alice Pedracio R
Turmeric is a medicinal / herb plant that can subsides inflamation of joint due to gout,...
So Yummy
May 1, 2019

Cooking Under Pressure: Chicken Thighs & Sauce

By Andy Anderson !
Brined chicken thighs, served with a dreamy pan sauce, over rice, or mash taters, are what...
This Superb Creamy Chicken And Mushroom Dish Is Rich.
A Good Crisp, Nutty And Healthy Home Made Bread Or Flat Bread Would Be A Joyful Choice With This Dish I Am So Sure Of This.
Mar 5, 2019

Creamy chicken and mushrooms with polenta

By Ramona's Cuisine -
This meal can be easily made without the chicken and you can add some chopped garlic...
Chicken Thighs And Rice In An Instant Pot.
Sep 8, 2018

Creamy Chicken and Rice

By Connie Ottman
This Instant Pot recipe is a delicious, warm and comforting dish. Easy to make...
Chicken & Mushroom Gravy From The Instant Pot!
Jan 26, 2018

Chicken & Mushroom Gravy From The Instant Pot!

By Amy Herald
This is a nice, hearty comfort food. It's delicious with mashed potatoes!
Beer Can Bbq Chicken In Instant Pot
Sep 26, 2017

Beer Can BBQ Chicken in Instant Pot

By barbara lentz
Delicious moist BBQ chicken in 15 minutes.
Fall Off The Bone Instant Pot Chicken
Aug 20, 2017

Fall off the Bone Instant Pot Chicken

By barbara lentz
This chicken was so moist. Fast and easy to make.
Instant Pot Chicken And Mexican Rice
Jun 21, 2017

Instant Pot Chicken and Mexican Rice

By Lisa N
Here's a fast, easy, cheap, healthy, and delicious meal for your Instant Pot or other electric...
Chicken Continental (electric Pressure Cooker)
May 11, 2017

Chicken Continental (Electric Pressure Cooker)

By Amy Booth
This is a recipe that my mother-in-law gave me when my husband & I got married...
Amy's Chicken Nachos (electronic Pressure Cooker)
Sep 20, 2016

Amy's Chicken Nachos (Electronic Pressure Cooker)

By Amy Smith
I place all the ingredients in individual bowls and let everyone top their nachos themselves. ...
Chicken & Pork Neckbones Adobo
Mar 15, 2016

Filipino Chicken & Pork Neck Bone Adobo Rhonda's

By Rhonda E!
This is the way I eat my Filipino Chicken and Pork Neck Bones. This picture...
Orange Marmalade Chicken Wings
Nov 7, 2015

Orange Marmalade Chicken Wings

By Sanity Chek
These are made in a pressure cooker. I have a 10 quart one. ...
Pressure Cooker Quick Homemade Chicken And Dumplings Like Muz Made!
Oct 11, 2015

Muz's Chicken and dumplings

By Diana Perry
My grandmother made the best chicken dumplings, and always in her pressure cooker. I have...
Fenugreek Chicken
Oct 10, 2013

fenugreek chicken

By khatija begum
its very yummy pls try it
So Juicy And Tender!!
Aug 9, 2013

Stuffed Chicken in Pressure Cooker

By Susan Phillips, Newmeyer
My Husband, Mom and friends, love this chicken I make in my electric pressure cooker!...

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