Burgers Recipes

Teriyaki Hamburgers

By Janet Sa
Please don't be fooled by the overly squishy texture of these burgers after you mix up...

Big Blue Burgers

By Jamallah Bergman
I love blue cheese to death and for them to put it on a burger is...

Dough Burgers

By Deborah Mackrodt
Dough burgers supposedly originated during the Great Depression. Adding flour was a great way to stretch...

Cuban Burger

By Deborah Mackrodt
What can I say? I love cuban sammies and love burgers. This was a real treat...

Roasted Garlic Burger

By Cari Blowers
If you enjoy garlic, you will love this burger!

Cheesy Mushroom Burgers

By Sarah Carlson
The ultimate burger experience!! These hearty burgers have sauteed mushrooms, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese mixed...

Best Ever Hamburgers

By Pat Broeker
My Husband says I make the best hamburgers he ever ate and there is one trick...

Hamburger Curry

By Kirari Sunga
This is a Japanese dish that I ate when I was in Japan.

Hamburger Chilito

By denise young
Growing up we always had hamburger, and mamma always had to find ways to make it...

Hearty Hamburger Pie

By Jennifer McConnell
This is something I grew up on and rely on as comfort food now that I'm...

Bacon cheeseburger pasta

By Debra Russell
My husband and son does not like tomatoe soup;But they could not even tell that it...

White castles Hamburgers

By bev snee
White Castle hamburgers have been around forever in Illinois. These are the best. I don't...

Hamburger Stew

By Cathy Gulley
This is a delicious stew that my family loves. It is comforting on those long cold...

Cheeseburger Crescent Bake

By Ann Simmons
My grandkids love this so it must be good!

Rocky Sunrise Bacon and Egg Burger

By Jane Whittaker
I askd my sweetie what he wanted on his burger and he said a fried egg....

Sauerbraten Hamburgers

By Thea Pappalardo
My mother made this frequently when I was growing up. It will never replace real...

Turkey Burgers

By Valarie Northup
I love Turkey burgers so much better then ground beef..

Pizza burger

By ashley shelton
My fiance loves this recipe we eat it once a week. You can also do other...

Glazed turkey burgers

By Linda Wills
This is an easy recipe but adds some flavor to ground turkey. The picture shows thin...

Cheeseburgers and Steamed Buns

By Brenda Downey
My grandmother loved to go camping in the mountains. She would take us along with her....

Hamburger Stuffed Baked Potatoes

By Kerri Dierberger
This is one of my favorite meals that my mom taught me to make. She taught...


By Jo Anne Sugimoto
A regular favorite for the "Hibachi" grill. It's for your BBQ Parties, tailgating get togethers,...


By BonniE !
My husband loves this hamburger steak. It was his idea for me to post it....


By Eddie Jordan
You would be amazed how good this burger is. It takes a lot of time but...
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