Healthy Burgers Recipes

3 Cuisine Grilled Mini Salmon Burgers

By Sherri Williams
These lil' babies are my fusion of Mexican, Asian & Mediterranean Cuisines. They were some...


By Eddie Jordan
It's time to go to the lake cookout, and watch the fireworks.


By Eddie Jordan
This oil is great for seasoning steak, burgers or any other foods you like to have...


By Eddie Jordan
This recipe comes from The Armenian Kitchen. This lamb burger is really good I think you...

Asian Chicken Burgers

By Yaminah Sutton
I was bored today and decided I wanted something different. This is a boredom burger that...

asian inspired cheeseburger!!!!!!!

i was bored and i wanted a decked out cheeseburger so here it is and it...


By Eddie Jordan
No matter where you live every body has their favorite burger. This one has got to...

Awesome Turkey Burgers

Very healthy and one of my favorite burgers! Husband approved!

Baby Butter Burgers!

By Colleen Sowa
This was an award winning recipe! I make these on the outdoor grill on a griddle or...

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Burgers

By Barb Janisse
This is a new way to make a turkey burger, add a little bacon! They are...

Baked Hot Ham and Cheese Buns

By Family Favorites
Another quick and easy hot sandwich when time is short, but you want something hot and...


By Eddie Jordan
This I like to make for a tailgate party. And it always get's raves. You might...

Basic Portobello Burgers

By April McIver
Mushroom caps, seasoned and grilled, make a burger patty that's just as satisfying as their beefy...

Beef and Blackbean Burgers

By Kristin Miller
I try to feed the family healthy things. I loathe veggie and turkey burgers, these...

Belly Busting BLT Burgers

By Family Favorites
We love a good burger, especially in the summer. We do many different kinds, including this...

Berkley Veggie Burger

By Pat Duran
This recipe from Cooking Light Magazine July 2013 page 88 is by : Julianna Grimes,Senior Food Editor She...

Better Than Beef Turkey Burgers

By Family Favorites
I had been looking for a recipe for a delicious, juicy turkey burger for a long...

Big Kahuna Salmon Burger with Mango Avocado Salsa

By George Levinthal
My family loves salmon in many different forms because it has a distinctive, rich taste no...

Bisquick Hamburger-Cheese Buns

By Pat Duran
Recipe from Kitchen Chatter Cook Book 3 and Bisquick recipe tweaked by me and my sister...

Black Bean Turkey Burger with Corny Slaw

By Brittany A
Adapted from Paula Deen. Healthy and delicious!

Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers

By Cathy Jacobsen
This recipe is super easy and a great way to serve turkey burgers! I do not...


By Ellen Bales
Blue cheese is one of my favorite toppings, and it is doubly good on burgers. Add...

Blueberry Turkey Burgers

By Eileen Hineline
Who would of ever thought to use blueberries in a burger recipe! Get ready to grill!
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24 Gourmet Cheeseburger Recipes

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Five Ways to Cook Potatoes

Five Ways to Cook Potatoes

Potatoes are a popular side dish in my house because they’re inexpensive and can be made in a variety of ways. A baked potato with butter, sour cream, and a bit of bacon makes my mouth water. Did you know there are thousands of varieties of potatoes? But, not all are equal and there are […]

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12 Restaurant-Style Fried Rice Recipes

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