Italian Burgers Recipes

Pizza Burgers

By Leslie Bernardi
these are a favorite at our house and works perfect for a weekend meal! I...

Pizza burger

By ashley shelton
My fiance loves this recipe we eat it once a week. You can also do other...

Italian Roman Burger

By Annamaria Settanni McDonald
Here in Ohio, concentrated in the Cleveland Area we have Mr. Hero Subs & Sandwich Chains....

Caprese Burgers

By Christine Schnepp
There is only two words to describe this sandwich...simply delicious! So easy and the mayo has...

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

By Angela Pietrantonio
This is one great pizza! My Jessie loves this one, he's a bacon fanatic! Recipe Source~...

Turkey burgers

By Jessica Foster
Yummy low fat burgers

Pizza Burgers

By David Henson
This recipe came from my sisters Highschool Home economics class. and it has been a hit ever...

Zucchini Burger Casserole

By Pat Duran
Simple ingredients and simple directions make this recipe -quick and easy. My husband does not...

Italian Cheese Burger

By Lynn Socko
In my never ending quest to make a "different" burger, this is my latest creation.

Pizza Burgers

By Craig Clark
I used to get a nasty version of what the school called Pizza burgers when I...

3 Cuisine Grilled Mini Salmon Burgers

By Sherri Williams
These lil' babies are my fusion of Mexican, Asian & Mediterranean Cuisines. They were some...

Biscuits and Gravy Burger

By Lindsey Cook
I'm not sure why I've never seen a burger like this before on a menu because...

Cheeseburger Casserole

By Pat Duran
My husband and son both liked this hearty ground beef dish for dinner. It was very...

Prosciutto-Wrapped Turkey-Chorizo Burger

By Angela McClure
My "Mr. Special" loved this burger. We'll be making this again for sure! Wonderful flavors of...

Fiesta Spinach Chicken / Turkey Burgers

By Robin Shafer
I created this recipe originally to get the kids to eat spinach and prove they would...

Hamburger Italiano

By Kelly Edmondson
Everyone remembers their first love. I remember my first love's dad's best dish ever. Its called...

Mozzarella-Stuffed Turkey Burgers

By Krystal McDow
I got this from Nutrition: 299 calories; 15g fat (4g sat, 5g mono); 74mg cholesterol; 14g...

Sweet Italian Sausage Burgers

By Cheryl Culver
If you like Sweet Italian Sausage you have to try it made into Burgers, the taste...

Brick Oven Pizza Burgers Supreme

By Family Favorites
An adult, first-class version of the family favorite worthy to be served to guests for lunch...

Amy's Italian Meatball Subs

By Amy H.
These are pretty simple to make and absolutely delicious! My Italian husband just loves them!

Mushroom Pesto Burger Italiano

By George Levinthal
We love Italian cooking and, of course burgers of all kinds, so I decided to combine...

Fire House 7 Burger

By Alex Callegari
This burger was created for my crew at Fire Station 7. My crew encouraged me...

Pesto Burgers

By Mikekey *
Spice up your turkey burgers. Serve with your favorite buns and condiments.
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