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Dee's Awesome Tacos

Dee's Awesome Tacos

By Dee Stillwell
In the 70's, Ortega published a recipe for taco filling with their ads. I made them...
Clinton Kelly's Texas Nachos

Clinton Kelly's Texas Nachos

By Pat Duran
In this recipe Clinton married a bacon cheeseburger with nachos. One word comes to mind, YUM!
This Is A Traditional Gyro, Mine Is Made A Little Different With The Ingredients We Love, But The Taste Is There Of A Real Greek Gyro.

Sirloin Gyros

By Gin Acosta
My version of a greek gyro, a simple way to get the same sort of flavor...
Mccormick Pic.

Classic Chinese Pepper Steak

By Brandi Kirkpatrick
A family favorite! Simple, but delicious!
Mccormick Pic.


By Marlene York
I have used round steak or a small chuck roast for this recipe. With the...
Photo From Cacique And  Arron Sanchez.

Mexican Grilled Corn Appetizers

By Pat Duran
This is another recipe by Aaron Sanchez and Cacique USA. This recipe is very versatile- you can...
These Are A Little Bigger Than I Would Normally Make.

Rice-A-Roni Meatballs

By Kellie Evans
I use to beg my grandmother to make these for me. If I could have,...
Creamy Meal In Minutes!

Mini Farfalle Skillet Meal

By Karen Sills
Easy one skillet dinner!
The Finished Dish. Here, I Have Served It With Mashed Potatoes And My Hungarian Cucumber Salad. You Can Find The Recipe For My Cucumber Salad Here At Just A Pinch.

Hungarian Liver and Onions with Vinegar Gravy

By Jane Manna
This unique recipe for liver and onions is simply delicious! I have found that even...
Photo And Recipe From:

Liver with Apple and Onion

By Pat Duran
This recipe is from the Gluten-Free Homemaker. This recipe is simple and very tasty. The liver is...
Steak Merlot

Steak Merlot

By Lou Kostura
Easy Prep and quick week night meal. Garlic mashed potato's goes well with this.
Rib Eye Steak With Sauteed Mushrooms

Rib Eye Steak with Sauteed Mushrooms

By Ashley Lemon
For this steak recipe I decided to switch it up a bit and add some sauteed...
Some More Casserole

Some More Casserole

By Pamela Rappaport
My mother used to cook this when I was a child. Now it's my husband's favorite...
Picadillo Taco

Picadillo Taco

By Deborah Garza
Growing up in Texas where cattle is raised, ground beef is the most affordable cut of...
Torta De Carne Asada

Torta De Carne Asada

By Deborah Garza
I've eaten tortas and I wasn't a big fan of the bread that was being used...
Quick And Easy Pork N Gravy With Rice

Quick and Easy Pork n Gravy with Rice

By Linda Kauppinen
This is one of my recipes that I created on a shoe string budget. Yes,...
Deconstructed Philly Cheese Steak

Deconstructed Philly Cheese Steak

By Kathy Figgis
To my knowledge, a deconstructed recipe is one that has been broken down into it’s simplest...
Philly Steak Subs

Philly Steak Subs

By Lisa Gaston
These are quick and easy especially on a week night, my family loves them!
Can You Say Mooooo To Au Ju?

Can you say mooooo to au ju?

By Irisa Raina 9
I know that usually onions are not in an “au ju” sandwich. But this is a...
Pepper Steak With Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

Pepper steak with gorgonzola cream sauce

By Karl Strasser
One night I had a taste for steak au poivre,I didn't have any mushrooms or brandy.this...
Boneless Pork With Horseradish Honey Mustard Sauce

Boneless Pork with Horseradish Honey Mustard Sauce

By Tammy Brownlow
With a little planning ahead with overnight marinading. This dish will be enjoyed on your...
Pami Contemplating What To Cook Up Next.. Love To Create A Dish Like A Work Of Art!

Beef Stew Soup

By Pami Toll
By Pam Toll Can use a variety of vegetables, buy a less expensive cut of beef. Cut...
Ribeye Salad W/ Honey Soy Pan Sauce

Ribeye Salad W/ Honey Soy Pan Sauce

By Cassie *
This salad is a nice change of pace...I've made it with strip steaks as well...The pan...

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