#Lunch Recipes

Spinach Chicken Wraps Recipe

Spinach Chicken Wraps

By Brandi Blackley
Sometimes, eating tasty and reasonably healthy can go hand in hand. Spinach and chicken anchor this...
Fancy Tuna Salad Recipe

Fancy Tuna Salad

By Paula S.
When I was a teenager my mom would make these "fancy" tuna salad sandwiches for us...
Great Great Great Grandma's Rice Pudding Recipe

Great Great Great Grandma's Rice Pudding

By Colleen Sowa
My Great Grandma Charlotte Kennedy's recipe, given to her daughter Mabel Kennedy Sullivan, and given to...
Quick Tomato Aspic-with Shrimp Recipe

Quick Tomato Aspic-with Shrimp

By Beth M.
At a church buffet luncheon,this was served by a friend, Jo-Ann, and I loved it. Every...
Sunday Pot Roast Recipe

Sunday Pot Roast

By Vickie Nowlin
This recipe is tasty and tender. My mother usually cooked roast on Sundays. ...
Three Cheese Broccoli Melt Recipe

Three Cheese Broccoli Melt

By Monica H
The simple goodness of broccoli and cheese on french bread; yum!
Spicy Steak Roasted Red Pepper Wrap Recipe

Spicy Steak Roasted Red Pepper Wrap

By Monica H
I recently saw a chef on TV use Senegalese sauces and marinades, and that inspired me...
Crescent Chicken Pockets Recipe

Crescent chicken pockets

By Deb Crane
Ive been making these for years. They are easy and you can add whatever spices you...
Gorgonzola Goat Cheese Minis Recipe

Gorgonzola Goat Cheese Minis

By Monica H
Pumpernickle goes well with strong flavors (I think), so the "stinky cheeses" like gorgonzola and goat,...
Goat Cheese Nachos Recipe

Goat Cheese Nachos

By Monica H
Healty (ier) nachos! So good with the warm goat cheese... this is enough for one...
Mama Hossa Polish Sandwich Recipe

Mama Hossa Polish Sandwich

By Monica H
This is for Sherri's Sammie Group: making a sandwich that represents our inspirations in cooking. My inspiration,...
Surf N Turf Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Surf n Turf Grilled Cheese Sandwich

By Monica H
Sweet, salty, savory, cheesy, toasty... tons of stuff going on at the same time. Love...
Orange Basil Marscapone Dip Recipe

Orange Basil Marscapone Dip

By Monica H
Sweet and Creamy; good as a spread on bagel, toast, plain bread slice, or as a...
Crab Rangoon Sandwich Recipe

Crab Rangoon Sandwich

By Monica H
Tastes like a crab rangoon! The peanuts soaked in soy act as the taste of...
After The Cookout~burger Lettuce Wraps Recipe

After the Cookout~Burger Lettuce Wraps

By Angie Robinson
This is a great, tasty lunch! I had a leftover grilled angus patty along with some...
Smoked Turkey Sandwich With Dark Cherry Basil Chutney Recipe

Smoked Turkey Sandwich with Dark Cherry Basil Chutney

By Monica H
I love experimenting with chutney; there are endless possibilities to the ingredients. This one is...
Ranch Chicken Finger Wrap Recipe

Ranch Chicken Finger Wrap

Every Thursday at a little cafe near where I work will have these and every Thursday...
Lunch Box Chews Recipe

Lunch Box Chews

By Pat Duran
These are a great addition to any lunch bag or box, or after school snack with...
Horseradish Cotija Caprese Panini Recipe

Horseradish Cotija Caprese Panini

By Monica H
In honor of National Panini Month! This is a Caprese-Style Panini, fusing Mexican and Italian...
Homemade Pasty Pocket Recipe

Homemade Pasty Pocket

By Monica H
Super quick and super easy; use this with whatever leftovers you have in your fridge! For...
Bloody Mary Chicken Recipe

Bloody Mary Chicken

By Monica H
...minus the vodka! Great as a dish all by itself, but also goes well with...
Cookie Rolls Recipe

Cookie Rolls

By Naomi Jehly
These rolls are very popular in Japan. They are really called "Melon Pan" because they...
Tuna Thyme Sandwich Recipe

Tuna Thyme Sandwich

By Monica H
Healthy, low-carb and low-fat! But still tons of flavor :)
Sweetie Strawberry Salami Sammie Recipe

Sweetie Strawberry Salami Sammie

By Monica H
Mostly sweet, with a tiny bit of salty salami to enhance the sweetness!