#Love Recipes

Apple Tree Babies Recipe

Apple Tree Babies

By Doreen Fish
These babies are nestled snug as a bug in their nest in our apple tree. I have...

The Just Let It Go Meal Recipe

The Just Let It Go Meal

By Michelle Meola
I am in recovery for an eating disorder. And recently I started dieting a gain with...

Cherished Moments Recipe

Cherished Moments

By Beth M.
Husband,child,grandchild,relative,friend, co-worker,wife,mother,sister,brother:pictures worth a thousand words!

Orange You Thankful Recipe

Orange You Thankful

By Kim Biegacki
These are winners of the Thanksgiving "Orange" challenges that we are currently having in The Power...

Cottage Cheese Fudge Cookies Recipe

Cottage Cheese Fudge Cookies

By Laura Sharp
Passed down through my husband's family enjoy! Even if you don't like cottage cheese you will...

The Twelve Days Of Christmas Recipe

The Twelve Days of Christmas

By Kim Biegacki
Wanted to share the story behind this song because some people are unaware of it's meaning....