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Save-a-day  Coffeecake Recipe


By Leila Rockwell
I like to serve this with the Breakfast Pie. They are both prepared the night before,...
My Three C.c.c.  Muffins.(cranrains  Carrot Cake. Recipe

MY three c.c.c. muffins.(cranrains carrot cake.

By maria maxey
was passed to me from old friend. And now its my to share with the world.WE...
Minestrone Alla Milanese ~ Slow Cooker Recipe

Minestrone alla Milanese ~ Slow Cooker

By Carol Junkins
Throw this in your Crock Pot ~ Nice hot minestrone soup, lots of veggies in it...
White Chocolate Cherry Cupcake Recipe

white chocolate cherry cupcake

By Kathy Stallings
I have a page on face book and i make cup cake and cakes I sell...