#Lobster Recipes

Lobster And Mango Cocktail Recipe

Lobster and Mango Cocktail

By Brandy Bender
Have not tried this yet, I adopted it from this site. Thought it sound's really good!...

Mock Red Lobster Biscuits Recipe

"Mock" Red Lobster Biscuits

By Laurie Pawluk
I absolutely love Red Lobster biscuits and have searched many years for something that comes close....

Lee's Lobster Bisque Recipe

Lee's Lobster Bisque

By Lee Paige
Someone I know loved this soup, so I went into a seafood restaurant and asked for...

Crab And Lobster Salad Recipe

Crab and Lobster Salad

By Rachel Black
This recipe was created entirely by accident, but then again some of the best ones are!...

Butter Poached Lobster & Coconut Corn Pudding Recipe

Butter Poached Lobster & Coconut Corn Pudding

By Sherri Williams
The mystery ingredients for the Ninja-Chefs Mystery Basket Challenge were corn, eggs & bread crumbs. ...

Lobster Cakes Recipe

Lobster Cakes

By Melissa Williamson
My family and friends loves it and I make them for Labor's Day, Memorial Day and...

Broiled Lobster Tails With Clarified Butter Recipe

Broiled Lobster Tails with Clarified Butter

By Kelly Williams
Sadly, I've never tried lobster as I'm deathly allergic to crustacians. (Lobster, shrimp and crab!) :(...