#Liver Recipes

Amish Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe

Amish Liver Dumpling Soup

By Elaine Laskowski
This is for liver lovers out there. The dumplings are good sauteed in butter and...
Baba's Liver Dumplings Recipe

Baba's Liver Dumplings

By Shelley Simpson
ha ha ha aka: Chocolate Dumplings. My mom and Baba would tell me that these were...
Bacon Fried Liver Recipe

Bacon Fried Liver

By Judy Kaye
When I was a kid I was always anemic and my mother was always trying to...
Beef Or Pork Liver, With Bacon And Onions (for 2) Recipe

Beef or Pork Liver, With Bacon and Onions (For 2)

By Cindi Bauer
A delicious way to eat beef or pork liver, along with bacon and onions. Cook more...
Braunschweiger Ball - Liver Recipe

Braunschweiger Ball - Liver

By Sheila M
Wether you are a fan of braunschweiger or not you will love this spread. Great...
Cecil Buck Rodgers Calves Liver And Onions Recipe

Cecil "Buck" Rodgers Calves Liver and Onions

By Shelia Senghas
Cecil Rodgers, known as “Buck,” was my mother, Lucille’s, oldest brother. He left home at a...
Chicken Liver Pate' Recipe

Chicken Liver Pate'

By Bill Wesley
I always include this appetizer at elegant or not so elegant parties as something rich and...
Chili Liver Recipe

Chili Liver

By Cindi Bauer
Besides the usual liver, bacon and onion recipe, this was another way for me to cook...
Chopped Liver, Eggs And Onions Recipe

Chopped Liver, Eggs and Onions

By Esther Hardman
This was a treat that was served every holiday be it a, Thanksgiving, Hannukah or the...
Country Liver Pate Recipe

Country Liver Pate

By Pat Campbell
I know, everyone is not a "liver" fan. I happen to be one. For those of...
Creamed Chicken Livers Recipe

Creamed Chicken Livers

By Karla Everett
If you like chicken livers you will enjoy this dish .
Deep Fried Chicken Liver W/onions Recipe

Deep Fried Chicken Liver w/Onions

By Gina Davis
Here in the Hills of the Appalachian Mountains we love us some good old fashioned fried...
Dill Tea Recipe

Dill Tea

By Stormy Stewart
Dill Tea helps an upset stomach, indigestion, coughs, colds, and bronchitis, fever, sore throat, and tendency...
Doggie Bonez Recipe

Doggie Bonez Recipe

By Joanne Stewart
I made these for my poodles and they loved them. I kept them in the fridge...
Grandma Helen's Liver Dumpling Soup Recipe

Grandma Helen's Liver Dumpling Soup

By Lori Borgmann
As I was growing up my grandma Helen would often make Liver Dumpling Soup. As...
Hungarian Liver And Onions With Vinegar Gravy Recipe

Hungarian Liver and Onions with Vinegar Gravy

By Jane Manna
This unique recipe for liver and onions is simply delicious! I have found that even...
Lisa's Baked Liver And Bacon Recipe

Lisa's Baked Liver And Bacon

By Lisa Walker
I wanted to find an easier way of making liver for my family and a healthier...
Liver Foie Gras Mousse (pâté) Recipe

Liver Foie Gras Mousse (Pâté)

By Leianne C
Foie gras literally translates as fat liver. Made from duck and/or geese livers. Try...
Liver 'n' Pepper Saute - Vintage Weight Watchers Recipe

Liver 'n' Pepper Saute - Vintage WEIGHT WATCHERS

By Sheila M
This is the most wonderful chicken liver recipe. It has so much great flavor you...
Liver Noodles (leberknoedel) Recipe

LIVER NOODLES (Leberknoedel)

By Linda Kauppinen
Origins of this recipe hail from Austria. This is actually not a noodle but rather...
Liver Sandwich Spread Recipe

Liver Sandwich Spread

By Jo Zimny
This is very tasty!
Mom's Liver-hater's Chicken Livers Recipe

Mom's Liver-hater's Chicken livers

By Maryann Rusinyak
Liver of any kind is an acquired taste. But, with this recipe you're guaranteed to like...
Orgy Fry (offal Fry) Recipe

Orgy fry (offal fry)

By khatija begum
Offal also called variety meats or organ meats,it refers to the internal organs and entrails...
Pineapple Pico Beef Liver Recipe

Pineapple Pico Beef Liver

By Lori McLain
I found a really good brand of beef liver that is tender and very clean and...