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Banana "Hot Dogs" For Cute Little Monkeys!

By Family Favorites
CALLING ALL MOMS AND GRANDMAS! Have picky little monkeys to feed? My kids and now grandson...

Healthy Shrimp-Chicken Fajitas

By Diane M.
This is one "healthy" recipe your whole family will love! Even my husband and sons, who...

Dee's Healthy Breakfast Muffins

By Dee Stillwell
In my quest to feed myself and my family with healthier food options...I started making these...

Salsa Caprese healthy dip with Rosemary Tostados

By Caroline Mgawe
I made this when I was craving nacho chips with salsa and I did not have...

Green Beans, Ham and Potatoes Supper

By Carol Jesmer
This is a family favorite. It is super easy and quick to prepare. To me it...

Roasted Jalapeno and Corn Guacamole

By Monica H
Big on quantity and taste! Very full - flavored. A little time-intensive, but it...

Gary's Turkey Patties

By Garrison Wayne
I have been making turkey patties for over 35 years. I finally decided to jot down...

Left Over Green Bean Casserole

By Joanne Pitilli
I saw this on the Food Network and added my own twist to it by adding...

Cathys Penna Vodka All'Amatriciana Sauce

By Cathy LaFay
This is basically 2 pasta sauces melded into one...


By Rose Mary Mogan
If you are looking for a healthy lunch idea this one might appeal to you. It was...

Little bourbon sausages

By sherry monfils
These are tasty little buggers, lol. Lots of flavor. A great appetizer or game day food. heart healthy fish taco

By Nick Monfire
This is a clever way to make healthy ingredients appeal to kids.


By Rose Mary Mogan
I created this recipe as an alternative to CORN BREAD STUFFING,using low carb Healthy Life bread...

Gooey! Little Lava Cakes

By JoSele Swopes
I made this for my sister-in-law and she just loves it...You can consider this Death By...


By Irana Grenier
My kids love this still today! It has a great flavor. Most people when...

Bacon wrapped little smokies with brown sugar

By karola cavagna
I make these when someone tells me they don't know what they want me to make.....

Saucy Little Smokies

By Carla Skiles
My aunt made these for special occasions when I was a kid. My sister and...

Little Dixie Pound Cakes Miniture By Freda

Great Recipe for the Single person, or just one or two Persons. I have made these for...

Homemade Corn Dogs or Little Smokies

By Pat Duran
These are so good dipped in mustard , ketchup or chili sauce they are all good...
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