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Autumn Succotash Recipe

Autumn Succotash

By Kim Biegacki
I really love Succotash and this recipe is so yummy. All the veggies mixed together...
Succotash Recipe.. From The Early Days Of Yore!

SUCCOTASH recipe.. From The Early Days of Yore!

By Nancy J. Patrykus
This recipe is from a Church Cook Book ,"The Early Days of Yore". A previous neighbor...
Original Mashpee Indian Jag Savoring Cape Cod Recipe

Original Mashpee Indian "JAG" Savoring Cape Cod

By Carol Junkins
This is the real Jag, not to be confused with the linguica and rice dish often...
Lima Beans Pasta Casserole Recipe

lima beans pasta casserole

By nimisha pulleri
Hearty Brunswick Stew Recipe

Hearty Brunswick Stew

By Amy Herald
This is definitely a labor of love, but so tasty and filling and so worth the...
Brown Butter Baby Lima Beans & Ham Recipe

Brown Butter Baby Lima Beans & Ham

By Sherri Williams
Here is another "Good for the Soul" tasty, quick & easy side dish for any occassion....
2 Bean Salad Recipe

2 bean salad

By Nick Monfire
A healthy version of a summertime salad.My family enjoys this salad as a side with many...
Succotash In A Flash Recipe

Succotash in a Flash

By Carol White
Veggie Revival - Succotash was seen on our table coming up when I was a child....
Ham & Lima Soup Recipe

Ham & Lima Soup

By Cassie *
Lima's are one of my favorite beans. Might be because my Gram would always make a...
Bean Casserole Recipe

Bean Casserole

By Diane Schmidt
Another great recipe from my Aunt Jackie Brewer. Great for potlucks especially!
Baby Lima Bean Soup Recipe

Baby Lima Bean Soup

By Kim Biegacki
This is one of my favorite soups & I especially loved to order a bowl of...
Cream Of Lima Bean Soup Recipe

Cream of Lima Bean Soup

By Kim Biegacki
Love those Baby Lima Beans so much had to post another yummy soup recipe for you...
End Of The Month Soup Recipe

End of the Month Soup

By Sandra Allen
You often have to be creative to stretch the food budget these days. I made this...
Cabbage Soup Recipe

Cabbage Soup

Nobody in your family will raise a stink over this scintillating soup that's loaded with goodness....