#Like Recipes

Blueberry Lemon Walnut Bread. Recipe

Blueberry lemon walnut bread.

By maria maxey
SINCE i 'm a happynut for blueberries and nuts.WHY NOT put all crazy brainstorms...
Chimichangas Recipe


By yolanda garibay
Great recipe for left over chicken or meats, family loves it.
Sweet Heart Nutty Brownies Recipe

Sweet heart nutty brownies

By maria maxey
Good desert to give your sweetheart and enjoy it with them?
Mike's Coquito Recipe

Mike's Coquito

By Katrina Freed
Christmas 2010 our good friend Mike brought this drink to share. It is now tradition! ...
Blueberry Cake Topping Recipe

Blueberry cake topping

By bethany kersey
Great for cake that don't turn out cute on top.Maybe caused they did not flip out...
Cream Sickle Cupcakes Recipe

cream sickle cupcakes

By billye hayden
my grandmother:fixed this for christmas my family love's this it remind's us of eating a dream...
Bratwurst Cheese Soup Recipe

Bratwurst Cheese Soup

By charlene graham
What can i say about something this good.Leaves you wonting more even if your full
Albacore Stuffed Jalepenos Recipe

Albacore Stuffed Jalepenos

By Sharon Ellison
Out here in the "Little Village By the Sea", we love spicy food! This is an...
Peanut Butter Bread Recipe

Peanut butter bread

By charlene graham
Another old cookbook kids love it
Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Peanut Butter Pie

By wanda sluss
The first time I ate this pie was at a friend's house. When she said...
Pound Cake Recipe

pound cake

By Cynthia williams
My family loves when I make this Cake. You can not missed up on this one....
Yuk - A Tex-mex Casserole (sallye) Recipe


By sallye bates
The first time I made this, my then 10 year old daughter took one look at...
Cookies Simply Made With A Cake Mix Recipe

Cookies Simply Made With A Cake Mix

By Carol Junkins
Well have heard of doing this but never tried it before ~ well I am...
Mexicain Potato Salad Recipe

Mexicain Potato Salad

By Sylvia Mangelsen
It is different then other potato salad it is savory. This is the potato salad I...
Taco Bake Recipe

Taco Bake

By Kyra Brier
My familys love it.
Zucchini  Craisen Slices (think Apple Pie!) Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
Get ready gals.. the zucchini is almost ready and the ZUCCHINI GHOST will start leaving...
Pepper Steak Recipe

Pepper Steak

By Gail Crague
I got this recipe from a cookbook that my Grandmother gave to my Mom. Then of...
Pasta Pie Recipe

Pasta Pie

By Butch Fertic
Just wait tell you try this..