#Licorice Recipes

Fizzy Ghoul

Fizzy Ghoul

By Lisa Johnson
My family and friends loves it. I made them last Halloween. It was so easy and...
Cinnamon Anise Star Cookies

Cinnamon Anise Star Cookies

By Kelly Williams
I LOVE licorice, but my hubby NO! LOL! So I get to enjoy a lot of...
Easter Basket Cupcakes

Easter Basket Cupcakes

By Brandy Bender
My mom use to make these for my elementry class every year! So cute!
Sambuca Choclate Cookies

Italian Anise Chocolate walnut cookies

By Nor Mac
This was passed down by my Italian mother In law. I absolutely love these cookies. It...
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ABSINTHE - How to Enjoy

By Suzy MacFarland
Its been a lot of fun tracking down absinthe the last few years and wanted to...