#Lemons Recipes

Summer Time Lemonade Recipe

Summer Time Lemonade

By Kim Biegacki
I just had a End of Summer Garden Party and was thinking about what I wanted...
Preserved Lemons Recipe

Preserved Lemons

By Sherri Williams
I make preserved lemons a few times a year. They are so versatile. I've...
Sb Lemony Fish In Foil Recipe

SB Lemony Fish in Foil

By Carol Junkins
Easy dish for two. Can use any fish fillet. Lemons always are good with fish....
Strawberry Lemon Muffins Recipe

Strawberry Lemon Muffins

By Carol Junkins
This is a very old recipe I cut out of the Boston Globe many years ago. It...
Citrus Curd Recipe

Citrus Curd

By Ashley Muller
Okay... The traditional curd is lemon, however I had a recipe that called for lime curd...
Perfect Lemon Curd Recipe

Perfect Lemon Curd

By Stacey Norwood
I finally took my mother's advice and tried the microwave method for making lemon curd. She...
Real Lemonade Recipe

REAL Lemonade

By Barbara Oseland
Why have lemonade from a pack when you can make it fresh and impress your friends,...
Dijon Mushroom Chicken Recipe

Dijon Mushroom Chicken

By ali Bresnahan
Excellent dish, very lemony and so flavorful. Allow an hour to marinate chicken. **NOTE** easy to make...
Pear Preserves Recipe

Pear Preserves

By Melissa Williamson
My dad loves pear preserves and so does my husband too. I make pear preserves for...
Diy Sour Mix Recipe

DIY Sour Mix

By Barbara Oseland
If you know you will have people, you can make the sour mix ahead of time,...
Cookie Granny's Frozen Lemon Mousse Recipe

Cookie Granny's Frozen Lemon Mousse

By Kristy Johnson
This is one of my many favorite recipes that my Great Grandmother (know to all the...
Frozen Lemon Slices Recipe

Frozen Lemon Slices

By ali Bresnahan
since i am a MAJOR drinker of cold drinks, a friend suggested this to me, and...
Engagement Chicken Recipe

Engagement Chicken

By Donna Farley
First comes chicken, then comes marriage? Be skeptical if you must, but this recipe may be...
Cod Baked In Wine With Be'chamel Sauce Recipe

Cod Baked In Wine With Be'Chamel Sauce

By Carol Junkins
I find baking Cod is the best way to cook it. Now this recipe has...
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Recipe

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

By shirley terhaar
I love freshly squeezed lemonade.Really good on a hot day.
Spa Water Recipe

Spa Water

By Michelle Koletar/Mertz
I had the blessing of going to the Ritz Carlton Spa one time (don't be jealous,...
Mertzie's Baked Haddock In Wine, Lemon And Butter Recipe

Mertzie's Baked Haddock in wine, lemon and butter

By Michelle Koletar/Mertz
Baked haddock, and in particular this version, was one of the very first dishes I learned...
Candied Lemon Peel Recipe

Candied Lemon Peel

By Tammy T
Just learned how to make these. Not as hard as I thought! You can use...
Lemon Facts Recipe

Lemon Facts

By Tammy T
I love Lemons and they have so many uses! Without lemons, lemonade would just be ade....
Strawberry Hot Cakes Recipe

Strawberry Hot Cakes

By Kat Williams
I have never been a fan of lemons at all until I tasted a Meyer Lemon....
Colored Lemons Recipe

Colored Lemons

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Have easter egg coloring kit leftovers, or want to make a pretty punch These are so...
Summertime Iced Tea Recipe

Summertime Iced Tea

By Cindi Bauer
I happen to come across this iced tea recipe at food.com which Nif originally posted the...
Blue Cheese Dippn Artichokes Recipe


By Lora DiGs
Pickled Radish Cucumber Salad Recipe

Pickled Radish Cucumber Salad

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Nice fresh summer salad thats easy and quick.