#Leftovers Recipes

Potato Soup With Ham Recipe

Potato Soup With Ham

By Lynne Hawkins
Great way to use leftover ham!
Quiche-me Quick Recipe

Quiche-Me Quick

By Chris Ann Matteo
I adapted this dish from two sources: one, Breakfast Crowns http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/breakfast/egg-breakfast/breakfast-egg-crowns.html and Emeril's Mini Ham and Crustless...
Quick Fried Rice Recipe

Quick Fried Rice

By Dawn Whitted
Fried Rice is so different at every Chinese Restaurant I have been to which tells me...
Turkey Rice Roasted Garlic Soup Recipe

Turkey Rice Roasted Garlic Soup

By Kathryn Martin
This was something I put together with what I had in the kitchen. The roasted garlic...
Leftover Fried Chicken, Green Beans And Mashed Potatoes Makeover Recipe

Leftover Fried Chicken, Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes Makeover

By Meg Terhar Hill
My Husband brought home a special from work which was Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and green...
Quick Chicken And Veggie Casserole Recipe

Quick Chicken and Veggie Casserole

By Sea Sun
I'm always looking for quick and easy dishes for my family. One night I was...
Alton Brown's Next Day Mac And Cheese Toast Recipe

Alton Brown's Next Day Mac and Cheese "Toast"

By Brandy Bender
How could you not wanna try this out???? YUM!
What-a-omelette Recipe


By Cora Meza
I love using lastnights dinner leftovers to make a great big omelette ! My hubby...
Gold Nugget Fried Potatoes (recipe For 2 )

Gold Nugget Fried Potatoes (Recipe For 2 )

By Rose Daly
Ever have any leftover baked potatoes and not sure what to do with them ? Well,...
Sausage Balls And Eggs Breakfast Scramble For One Recipe

Sausage Balls And Eggs Breakfast Scramble For One

By Rose Daly
had some leftover Sausage Balls and I didn't want to eat them as the same ol'...
Impossible Bbq Pulled Pork Pie Recipe

Impossible BBQ Pulled Pork Pie

By Stormy Stewart
Made the mistake of making 5 lbs of pulled port with just 2 people here so...
C.o.m.f.y. Casserole Recipe

C.O.M.F.Y. Casserole

By Rose Daly
I had some leftovers,and I wanted to do something with them besides reheat them and serve...
San Francisco Chicken Brocco-roni Recipe

San Francisco Chicken Brocco-Roni

By Rose Daly
I had quite a bit of Chicken Rice-A-Roni leftover along with some broccoli, and fried boneless...
Turkey Salad Recipe

Turkey Salad

By Carrie Owens
My daughter and I are posting yummy recipes left to us by my Grandma Vivian, her...
Seasoned Ground Beef And Dumplings With Veggies Recipe

Seasoned Ground Beef And Dumplings With Veggies

By Rose Daly
Before going into a description of this recipe, I want to thank CaramelPie (a Chef at...
Creamed Chicken And Vegetables,a.k.a.  Chicken Stuff  Recipe

Creamed Chicken And Vegetables,A.K.A. " Chicken Stuff "

By Rose Daly
The A.K.A. part of the title came from my SO. Every time I tell him we...
Grilled Shrimp And Sausage With Peppers And Onions Recipe

Grilled Shrimp and Sausage with Peppers and Onions

By Ashley Muller
This is my hubbys favorite grilled dinner. Lots of butter and yumminess. Paula Dean...
Marijane's Roasted Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Marijane's Roasted Turkey Sandwich

By Beth M.
What could be nicer after the holiday? ANSWER: sliced turkey,layered between two good pieces of bread,...
 Country Fried  Meatloaf Sandwich Recipe

" Country Fried " Meatloaf Sandwich

By Rose Daly
I had some leftover meatloaf and I wanted a sandwich.But not an ordinary meatloaf sandwich,so I...
Chicken Nuggets Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken Nuggets Chicken Salad

By Rose Daly
I had some store bought breaded chicken nuggets in my freezer and, didn't want to do...
Beef Turnovers Recipe

Beef Turnovers

By Brenda Brown
Found this in a church cookbook I checked out from the local Library.Great way to use...
Kroketten (dutch Croquettes) Recipe

Kroketten (Dutch Croquettes)

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
These were one of my favorite treats in Holland and they have vending machines in the...
Homemade Pasty Pocket Recipe

Homemade Pasty Pocket

By Monica H
Super quick and super easy; use this with whatever leftovers you have in your fridge! For...
Mama's Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Mama's Chicken Pot Pie

By Aurora McBee
Love in a pie pan! Pot pies made regular appearances at our dinner table growing up. ...