#Lebanese Recipes

Shish Taouk (shish Tawook) Recipe

Shish Taouk (Shish Tawook)

By Karen Lowrey
This is a great Lebanese grilled chicken kabob recipe. You mix up the marinade, drop...
Baked Kibbeh Recipe

Baked Kibbeh

By Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin
My husband is half Lebanese. One of his favorite Lebanese dishes is Baked Kibbeh. ...
Pita Pockets (flat Bread) Recipe

Pita Pockets (Flat Bread)

By Family Favorites
When I was growing up, the mom of a friend of mine would have these Lebanese...
Kibbeh Recipe


By Fred Alam
This comes from my Father's side of the family (Lebanese). My Mom would make it for...
Beet And Apple Salad With Yogurt Dressing Recipe

Beet and Apple Salad with Yogurt Dressing

By Carolyn Haas
Adapted from The Greek Vegetarian by Diane Kochilas These ingredients are also common to Turkish...
Tabouli Salad Recipe

Tabouli Salad

By Carolyn Haas
Tabouli is one of my favorites and this is just another version of it. I happened...
Lebanese Lentils And Rice Recipe

Lebanese Lentils and Rice

By Carolyn Haas
Our favorite Lebanese restaurant in Minneapolis (Emily's Lebanese Deli) serves this dish and we love...
Tangy Yoghurt Sauce Recipe

Tangy Yoghurt Sauce

By Carolyn Haas
We enjoy mideastern food and many dishes are served with a side of yoghurt sauce. I...
Yogurt-lemon Sauce Recipe

Yogurt-Lemon Sauce

By Carolyn Haas
A nice dipping sauce to use with Moroccan or mid-eastern chicken, flatbread, or drizzled over rice...