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monster cookies *large batch*

By sarah wertz
well if you love cookies or have an event you will love these!

Small Batch Almond Joy Cookies

By Beth Pierce
These Small Batch Almond Joy Cookies are the perfect blend of coconut, semi sweet chocolate and...

Substitute for Self Rising Flour By Freda

Mystery Solved; I had this question bought to my attention, I had also wondered my self....

Whole Grain Pancakes and Waffles

By Muna Escobar
I just wanted to share this delicious recipe that is our family favorite. The addition...

Betty's oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies

By Betty Bramanis
Chewy and more-ish - a lunch box staple! My family loves these. I like...

Original 1926 Girl Scout Cookies

By sherrie parnell
Cant remember where I found this recipe, have made them since I was Fifteen, but It...

Homemade Bisquick

By carlene ryder
I got this recipe from ...

Sugar Cookie Pops

By michelle 'FLAME' kelley


By Grace Camp

Twice-Baked Alfredo Potatoes

By Kelly Williams
Special occaision potatoes, or for when you just need a little spoiling, creamy rich with alfredo...

Thick Pork Chops & Italian Sausage Baked With Wedged Sweet...

By Rose Rauhauser
My Italian Grandmother made everything taste good, this is all in 1 pan; pork chops, sausage...

Oven Baked Potatoes

By Gail Herbest
These are so tasty, You can also use olive oil in place of canola and sprinkle...

Butera's Baked Potato Soup

By Daily Inspiration S
Sinfully rich, but so worth it. You can; however, lighten it up a bit using...

Soft Batch Molasses Cookies

By Garrison Wayne
Molasses cookies are one of my all time favorites. I like them soft with plenty of...

Chocolate Chip Carrot Cake Muffins (small batch)

By Catherine Thompson Floyd
Most recipes will make 12 muffins and I really can't eat that many! This recipe is...

Small Batch Peanut Butter Cookies

By Family Favorites
I've completely flunked at being an "Empty Nester". I still cook as if the entire dorm...

The Ultimate 5 Cheese Baked Mac and Cheese

By Nor Mac
This is a favorite recipe with a twist. Rather than using all sharp cheddar cheese....

Heather's Best Baked Ham with Uncooked Glaze.

By Heather (Carlson) Nickola
My best baked ham is a to die for recipe and makes excellent leftovers; from ham...

Four Bean Baked Beans With Ground Beef by Rose

By Rose Rauhauser
This is a family favorite even though it takes time, it's worth it. They freeze well...
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