#Lammas Recipes

Lammas / Lughnasadh Corn Pudding Recipe

Lammas / Lughnasadh Corn pudding

By Stormy Stewart
Lammas the festival of bread and grains. The perfect time to experience corn pudding.
Lammas Salad Recipe

Lammas Salad

By Stormy Stewart
This is a very colorful and attractive salad that uses several of the herbs and plants...
Lammas Ritual Potpourri Recipe

"Lammas Ritual Potpourri"

By Stormy Stewart
Use at Lammas on your altar and still have enough to as gift potpourri's on very...
Lughnasadh Incense Recipe

"Lughnasadh Incense"

By Stormy Stewart
From Scott Cunningham's book "The Complete Book of Incenses, Oils & Brews" Every one loves Scott Cunningham...
Noodles In Faery Butter Recipe

Noodles in Faery Butter

By Stormy Stewart
light faery noodles are the perfect addition to a Lammas dinner.
Lammas Corn Custard Recipe

Lammas Corn Custard

By Stormy Stewart
This Corn Custard recipe was taken from the Farmer's Almanac. They are the masters on recipes...
Lammas Bread Man Recipe

Lammas Bread Man

By Linda Rupp
From. Patty W. in about.com In many traditions, a loaf of special bread is baked in...