#Kosher Recipes

Kosher Pickles In A Crock

Kosher Pickles in a Crock

By Lisa Crum
This is my adaptation of a recipe by Arthur Schwartz in Jewish Home Cooking. I...
Witch's Finger's


By mary a favela
Something im sure the kids would like for a halloween party im sure the big kids...
Copy Cat Tgi Friday's Green Bean Fries

Copy Cat TGI Friday's Green Bean Fries

By Brandy Bender
Will have to try these out soon!
Birria Tacos

Birria Tacos

By Brandy Bender
Found in a magazine, they sound soooooooo good!!!!
Copycat Long John Silvers Hushpuppies

Copycat "Long John Silvers" Hushpuppies

By Brandy Bender
I love these little things! yummy!
Special Jalapeno Poppers!

Special Jalapeno Poppers!

By Brandy Bender
OMG! Can you say YUM!!!!
Deep Fried Meat Kreplach With Fried Onions.


By Monica Mullens
I got this recipe from the New York Times. They are like potstickers.These are great, The...
Came Out A Little Too Long For The Pan, So I Made It Curved To Fit!

Simple Sweet Challah Bread (The way it should be)

By Ashley Burnam
I love challah, I was raised Jewish and literally crave this bread all the time. Only...
Dad's Garlic Dill Pickles

Dad's Garlic Dill Pickles

By Lou Kostura
I grew up waiting for these every summer. I learned to make them from dad and...