#Jewish Recipes For Kids

Jewish Penicillin (chicken Soup)

Jewish Penicillin (Chicken Soup)

By Esther Hardman
Ok...if you don't ever make any other Jewish food, you must learn how to make this....


By Jackie Marinoff
Tzimmes is a Jewish sweet casserole dish traditionally served during the holidays such as Passover, Rosh...
Came Out A Little Too Long For The Pan, So I Made It Curved To Fit!

Simple Sweet Challah Bread (The way it should be)

By Ashley Burnam
I love challah, I was raised Jewish and literally crave this bread all the time. Only...
From Lily: This Is My Grandmother's Pot La Gelle Recipe.  We Made It For Shabbat Dinner Tonight.
From Instagram: Grandma's Pot La Gelle #recipe. #eggplant #dip Http://instagram.com/p/yxxohso8td/

Grandma's Pot Le Gel

By Lily Moritz
My Grandma was notorious for her home cooked family favorites. There was never a visit...