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Appetizer Chicken Bundles

Appetizer Chicken Bundles

By Brandy Bender
Found this on a Jewish site.
Jewish Penicillin (chicken Soup)

Jewish Penicillin (Chicken Soup)

By Esther Hardman
Ok...if you don't ever make any other Jewish food, you must learn how to make this....
From Lily: This Is My Grandmother's Pot La Gelle Recipe.  We Made It For Shabbat Dinner Tonight.
From Instagram: Grandma's Pot La Gelle #recipe. #eggplant #dip Http://instagram.com/p/yxxohso8td/

Grandma's Pot Le Gel

By Lily Moritz
My Grandma was notorious for her home cooked family favorites. There was never a visit...
Passover:  Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus

PASSOVER: Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus

By Melanie Campbell
Authentic chummus is very different and SO much tastier than its American counterpart. This chummus is...