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By Melanie Campbell
Please DO NOT assemble the legs on the table the night before. You will have...

Easter Bird Nests

By Lolita Slafter
This is a recipe from my mom from many years ago and I used to make...

Rudolph and Frosty the snowman

By Nicole P.
Below are the food ingredients i used to make Rudolph and Frosty, you can chose the...

Three Wine Jellys

By Bonnie Beck
These are two different recipes for Wine Jelly our neighbor up on my mountains use to...

Kimmy's Deepfried Peanut Butter and Jellies

By Kimberly Tanguay
tired of plain peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? mix it up and deep fry them in...

Black Bean Soup

By Linda Beers
I got this recipe from a WW meeting but haven't actually tried it yet but thought...

Red Bean and Sausage Gumbo

By Mary R Morris
My Granny use to make this ,she cooked her own red beans.But I really like this...

My Mom's Oven Baked Beans

By Kimber Flory
These were actually my Grandma's recipe. But the key is to buy the cheapest pork and...

Pork Black Bean Fiesta

By Renae Garrett
This is a quick easy recipe that my family just loves. We like it spicy...


By Tracy Joyner
Soup tastes the best the longer you cook it, and it tastes even better the next...

Grandpa Beans

By Ruth woolbright
My husband's mother shared this recipe with me shortly after we were married as she fixed...

Crock Pot Navy Bean/Ham Soup

By Danielle Sprueill
It's snowy, blustery and cold today so I am making navy beans and ham in the...

My Navy Bean Soup

By JoAnn Reyes
This comes from Nana JoAnn's kitchen
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