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Watermelon Jam Gift In A Jar Recipe

Watermelon Jam Gift in a Jar recipe

By Penny Hall
Recipe from Taste of Home, and a great gift to give for holidays.
Prickly Pear Jelly


By Eddie Jordan
This recipe was given to me from Grandma. I made a many a time, but it...
This Pumkin Butter Is A Great Item To Add To The Gift Basket With A Loaf Of Nut Bread!

Easiest Pumpkin Butter

By cin Rafter
This has been shared and tested to be a very tastey treat and best on nut...
Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam

By Natalie Loop
Took a detour yesterday on my way home and we couldn't resist a u-pick farm. ...
My Homemade Applebutter

Autumn Applebutter

By JoSele Swopes
This is the time of year I enjoy making Applebutter. I always go out...
From Instagram:  Http://instagram.com/p/eydacnkv_l/

Re-Use your Jelly Jars

By Areatha Daniels
I'm crazy about making small batches of Jams and Jellies. I always have fruit of...
Apple Butter Bars

Apple Butter Bars

By Hannah Rider
My mother made these delicious bars often when I was growing up. No apple butter on...
Zucchini (courgette) Butter...


By Amanda P
This is not really “butter” but have no idea what you would call it…jam maybe but...
Black Fig Skillet Jam --bonnie's


By Bonnie .
We were happy to get a nice bowl of figs from our young fig tree this...