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    Ireland - Strawberry Flummery

    By Baby Kato
    This recipe has been posted here for play in Culinary Quest - Ireland recipe by Margaret...

    Baby Food (8mos+) Strawberry Oatmeal "Ice Cream"

    By Tiffany Bannworth
    We have five boys and another baby on the way. I enjoy making the baby's food,...

    Strawberry Cream Cheese Ball

    By Jill Cooks
    Great for any get together, party or just make one for yourself to snack on. I like...

    Mixed Fruit Dessert

    By Ruth Lewis
    I love this recipe because it is simple to make and doesn't take long. It is...

    Strawberry Shortcake

    By Melissa Anderson
    Got it from the computer


    By Vivian Queen-Chase
    This is a recipe I got from my Mother..... ...

    Strawberry Dessert

    By Tonna Canfield
    This dessert is one of my favorites. The flavors go perfectly together. The only bad...

    Strawberry Dessert

    By Emily Moran
    Low calorie and easy to make.

    Best Strawberry Dessert

    By Pat Duran
    This is a great dessert and can be used with other jello,pudding and fruit. My family...

    Ida's Strawberry Dessert

    By Mary Pinner
    This is my family's favorite. It's great for summer.

    Strawberry Dessert Squares

    This is a MOST requested Summer recipe!! Very refreshing for a summer BBQ! The 1st time...

    Sensational Strawberry Dessert

    By Brenda Newton
    A Kraft food recipe that is so easy to make.
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