Pork Recipes

So Yummy
Apr 5, 2020

Cooking Under Pressure: Easy/Peasy BBQ Pulled Pork

By Andy Anderson !
This is a great recipe for pulled pork that is easy/peasy to make and can be...
Crispy Breaded Pan Fried Pork Tenderloin Bites Combined With Sweet Bell Peppers, Celery And Pineapple In A Slightly Sweet And Tangy Ginger Asian Sauce.
Apr 4, 2020

Sweet and Sour Pork

By Beth Pierce
This is one of my husband’s favorite recipes. It really is incredibly delicious and with a...
From Instagram: New Mexico Green Chile Stew Https://www.instagram.com/p/b-kdnlldt_qjwux-abc0qzvlpgji2jri-ocw6a0/
Apr 4, 2020

New Mexico Pork Green Chile Stew

By Sherry Blizzard
Nothing speaks of comfort food more than my mother's green chile stew. Growing up in...
So Yummy
Apr 4, 2020

Pork Essentials: Spicy Onion/Pepper Stew

By Andy Anderson !
This is an easy/peasy dish to assemble, and pops in and out of the oven in...
Kielbasa Potato Bake Ready To Be Served.
Apr 4, 2020

Kielbasa Potato Bake

By Kathy Williams
Simple meal with great flavor. Top with eggs and bake for a hardy breakfast.
A Platter Of Air Fried Pork Chops.
Apr 3, 2020

Air Fried Pork Chops

By Kitchen Crew
In the mood for fried pork chops but not the added fat and calories? Try these...
A Platter Of Louisiana-style Smothered Pork Chops.
Apr 3, 2020

Louisiana-Style Smothered Pork Chops

By Tammy Raynes
This is a great little meal that I love to cook and my hubby loves to...
Pork And Chinese Egg Noodle Stir Fry
Mar 30, 2020

Pork and Chinese Egg Noodle Stir Fry

By barbara lentz
This is so good. The thickened chicken stock mixture gives the look and texture of butter...
Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Chinese Egg Noodles W Pork
Mar 28, 2020

Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Chinese Egg Noodles W Pork

By barbara lentz
You can make the egg noodles yourself or buy them fresh in a supermarket. These noodles...
Hoisin Pork With Chinese Egg Noodles
Mar 27, 2020

Hoisin Pork with Chinese Egg Noodles

By barbara lentz
This is delicious. Super fast and simple meal. Yummmmmy
Just Ladled This Deliciousness Into The Bowl.
Mar 25, 2020

Kielbasa. cabbage, potato & carrot 1 pot meal

By sherry monfils
Well, since we all know how the Corona virus has effected food shopping, I couldn't find...
Quickie Ham And Corn Chowder
Mar 22, 2020

Quickie Ham and Corn Chowder

By Vicki Butts (lazyme)
This is one of my favorites to make on days when I don't really feel like...
Southern Bbq Ribs
Mar 22, 2020

Southern BBQ Ribs

By Vicki Butts (lazyme)
I love ribs but don't always want to take the time to make my own barbecue...
Pork Chops In A Tomato Soup Gravy.
Mar 14, 2020

Claudine's Tomato Soup Pork Chops

By Claudine Bratcher
I got the idea for this recipe many years ago from a Campbell's® Tomato soup can...
Pork Ragu With Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon
Mar 14, 2020

Pork Ragu with Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon

By barbara lentz
The Ragu has a rich taste with a hint of the dark chocolate. The pork is...
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Mar 10, 2020

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

By Beverley Williams
The pork cooks in about 1 hr. and 25 minutes baked. The other 10 minutes are...
Sausage Cheese Dip With A Little Kick
Mar 9, 2020

Party Sausage Dip

By Ralph Bischoff
Just the right amount of kick to keep a party hoppen' and wanting more.
A Casserole Dish Filled With No Bake Shake N Bake Pork Chops.
Mar 8, 2020

No Bake Shake n Bake Pork Chops

By Lori Kirkland-Howell
I invented this recipe because we love Shake n Bake, but I do not like to...
Two Pulled Pork Tacos With Pickled Red Onions And Cilantro On A Plate.
Mar 7, 2020

Pulled Pork Tacos With Pickled Red Onions and Cilantro Pesto

By Danielle Williams
This recipe takes some time but is well worth the time. It tastes great and is...
Bonnie's Best Country Ribs
Mar 5, 2020


By Bonnie .
If you are like me, the first time you try these luscious barbecued country ribs from...
Crock Pot Ranch Pork Chops On A Plate.
Mar 5, 2020

Crock Pot Ranch Pork Chops

By tim russell
This is a favorite at my house. The pork chops come out very tender and the...
Two Sausage Links On A Plate With Rice And Salad.
Mar 3, 2020

Garlic Sausage

By Francine Lizotte
Packed with flavor, this Garlic Sausage is a keeper! Absolutely delicious when grilled, it can also...
One Skillet Italian Sausage Pasta
Mar 3, 2020

One Skillet Italian Sausage Pasta

By Barbara Miller
This Pasta and sauce is divine but even better the next day. You can grate Parm...
I Found A Recipe For Pork With Cumin On The Facebook Group From Our Czech Kitchens.  The Original Version Was In Czech And The English Translation Was Confusing To Me.   But With Google Translate And The Comments, Here Is My Version.
Feb 29, 2020

Czech Pork with Caraway Seed

By Ruth Ann Vokac
I found a recipe for Czech Pork on the Facebook group "From Our Czech Kitchens." ...
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