Fish Recipes

Whether salmon, tuna, crab or cod, these easy fish recipes will be a delicious addition to your menu.

Monday at 9:30 AM

Salmon and Vegetable Rice Bowl

By Michael Hall
This original dish is inspired by my love for Japanese Donburi, simply put, "Rice Bowl". ...
Feb 7, 2021

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

By Beth Pierce
These amazing Bacon Wrapped Shrimp are baked with a sweet and spicy Asian based glaze that...
Feb 4, 2021

Crazy Good Cod Patties

By Debbie Sue
These cod patties are great served on a butter toasted bun. Yum, topped with a...
Jan 26, 2021

Tuna Casserole

By Francine Lizotte
This dish is definitely not boring because of its delicious combination of ingredients. It’s a great...
Jan 9, 2021

Ceviche Salad

By Stephanie Mabry
I had this dish several years ago at a restaurant that we visited on our way...
Jan 3, 2021

Tasty Tuna Casserole

By Maggie M
We really like tuna casseroles .. they are comfort food to us. This particular recipe is a...
Dec 22, 2020

Pan Fried Cajun Tilapia

By barbara lentz
Great fish
Dec 12, 2020

Eggcellent Tuna Salad Sandwiches

By Misty Guillory
When I taught school my co-workers and I often shared recipes. Here is one that...
Dec 9, 2020

Another Yummy Tuna Casserole

By Amy Herald
Most folks have strong feelings one way or the other about tuna casserole! I'm one of...
Nov 21, 2020

Cheesy Salmon Vegetable Noodle Casserole

By Rhonda O
This is my version of a Tuna Casserole using Salmon. This is my own creation.
Nov 19, 2020

Rainbow Trout With Potatoes And Spring Garlic

By Ramona's Cuisine -
TIPS: you may use fillet fish if you are afraid or don’t like bones do not cover the...
Nov 13, 2020

Crispy Salmon Patties

By Amy Herald
These are the best salmon patties I've ever made. The fresh salmon really makes it good!
Nov 5, 2020

Fish Stew

By Francine Lizotte
Garnished with fresh chopped parsley and served with crusty bread, this tasty dish is a delicious...
Nov 2, 2020

Smoked Salmon Dip

By Beth Pierce
If you like smoked salmon then this is your cup of tea. This scrumptiously easy...
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Turmeric Lemon Butter Basted Cod

By Jennifer H
I got some turmeric salt because I seem to be obsessed with turmeric lately. I wasn't...
Oct 16, 2020

Grilled Bass in Grape Leaves w Lemon Vinaigrette

By barbara lentz
This fish is so flavorful. I love to experiment with different flavored charcoal so this dish...
Oct 13, 2020

Healthy and Delicious Fish Tacos

By Amy Herald
Baking the fish like this gives it a nice crispy coating without frying it in unhealthy...
Oct 11, 2020

Delicious Quick & Easy Tuna Pasta with Veggies

By Pat Morris
I get tired of the same old; same old when it comes to tuna. I...
Oct 4, 2020

Tasty Tuna Wraps

By Amy Herald
This makes a fantastic lunch or dinner. I serve it with a nice vegetable soup and...
Sep 25, 2020

Cod Fish Rolls

By Amy Herald
When real lobster isn't in the budget, and you want something healthier and less processed than...
Sep 12, 2020

Grilled Fish Tacos With Chipotle Crema

By Lauren Perkins-Boyd
In the words of my little brother these taco's are "freakin' bomb!" and I would have...
Sep 4, 2020

Easy Fish Pie Recipe

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Having a chunk of something smoked is definitely a must as far as I like it,...
Sep 3, 2020

Shrimp Po Boy

By Beth Pierce
These scrumptious Shrimp Po Boy sandwiches are filled with crispy Louisiana style fried shrimp and topped...
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