#Inexpensive Recipes

Homemade Potato Skins

By Colleen Sowa
This is an easy recipe that can easily be doubled or tripled. We have a...

Mom's Tuna Casserole

By cecilia dangcil
5 children in my family. We were not poor but mom had to stretch $$$ those...

Spicy Ramen Saute

By Joshua Benjamin
This is a very in expensive dish that is also easy to make. Perfect for these...

Glory Hole Cabbage Soup

By Pam Ellingson
This recipe came from a restaurant in Helena, Montana. There are lots of old gold mines...

Ellie's Methodist Cake

By Tedi Toca
My Grandma made this when Mom was a child & both served it to their families....

Pulled Beef Wraps

By Lona Dekenipp
I needed something quick, easy, and inexpensive to make one night for Bunco so I created...

Home Made Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain

By Martha Price
I just found this on another web site and couldn't wait to post it! I love...

Homemade Window Cleaner

By Bonnie Lockhart
I used to get a foam cleaner at a dollar store, and could not find it...


By Susan Din
One of the comfort foods from my youth, this is fast, easy, inexpensive and delicious! Plus...

Creamy Peanut Butter Soup

By Cindi Bauer
This is a quick 'n easy 3 ingredient soup recipe.

Orange Julius Knock-Off!!!

By Cindi Bauer
I never had an Orange Julius, not until I came across this recipe at food.com. The...

Banana With Peanut Butter & Chocolate Syrup

By Cindi Bauer
I happen to come across this dessert recipe at food.com. My husband loves peanut butter and...

Basic Pancakes

By Cindi Bauer
I've always made my pancakes pretty much from scratch, and this is the recipe I've been...

Easy Iced Coffee

By Cindi Bauer
The recipe for this iced coffee was originally posted by Christy Grigor at allrecipes, but I...

Cinnamon-Sugar Pretzels

By Cindi Bauer
These delicious cinnamon-sugar coated pretzels, are a quick, easy, inexpensive snack to make. - Prep time: 2...

Rhubarb Iced Tea

By Cindi Bauer
This tangy-sweet beverage is not actually made with tea, so I don't know why it's called...

Sugar Free Strawberry Iced Tea

By Cindi Bauer
This is a 3-ingredient, sugar free, strawberry flavored iced tea. Ingredients are: orange pekoe & black...

Scrambled Egg & Dill Pickle Sandwich

By Cindi Bauer
I love this sandwich, and I make it often. I also enjoy it during Lent.

Frugal Gourmet's Barley & Mushroom Casserole

By Martha Price
I was well into my twenties before I 'discovered' barley, and have loved it ever since....

Heavenly Chicken Enchiladas

By Betsy Wolfe
Filling and great served with a salad; I use chopped leftover chicken or precooked thawed grilled...


By Hanan Hussein
If Egypt had a national dish this would probably be it. The ingredients are readily available...

Grandma's Chicken and Noodles

By Dana Clark
This is how my Grandma Alvie made it. I tend to add more bullion and carrots...

Lighter Tuna Casserole

By Betsy Wolfe
Has less fat than the old fashioned kind but still tastes rich. Another dish the...

Southern Green Beans with Ham

By Betsy Wolfe
A staple in my home. I tried to make a green bean casserole at Thanksgiving...
Comfort Food Recipes For Tonight’s Dinner

Comfort Food Recipes For Tonight’s Dinner

With the weather being all over the place these days, comfort food has been what I’ve craved. What’s considered comfort food? Everyone may have a different opinion but it can be a variety of different things. It can be something that reminds you of your childhood, maybe a meal based on the region you live/grew […]

31 Recipes to Make for Dinner in March

31 Recipes to Make for Dinner in March

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Delicious Homemade Muffin Recipes

Delicious Homemade Muffin Recipes

Muffins are essentially a quick bread but in an individualized form and are very easy to make. If you don’t want to run to the local bakery or coffee shop but still want a muffin, we’ve got recipes for you. Blueberry muffins seem to the most popular. But, there are many other options like apple […]