#Hummus Recipes

Ethiopian Tomato Salad Wrap Recipe

Ethiopian Tomato Salad Wrap

By Laurie Sanders
You will need to make Ethiopian Tomato Salad first from the recipe I've posted. Then...
Hummus Dip Recipe

Hummus Dip

By Dianne Wells
A great good for you snack
There's Hummus Among Us Recipe

There's HUMMUS Among US

By Torrey Moseley
Ok, so not EVERYTHING I make has to have butter in it. I do have the...
Roasted Garlic Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus Recipe

Roasted Garlic Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus

By Jodie Scales
I fell in love with hummus when I worked at the farmer's markets in California. I...
World's Best Chipotle,garlic Hummus Recipe

World's Best Chipotle,Garlic Hummus

By marty olguin
Hummus is high in fiber that slows digestion and keeps blood sugar levels from rising too...
Middle Eastern Veggitizers Recipe

Middle Eastern Veggitizers

By Sherri Williams
This is my 4th finalist in the Pretzel Crips Appetizer recipes. This appetizer has charisma!...
Salsa Hummus Recipe

Salsa Hummus

I love roasted red pepper hummus, and black olive hummus. This little experiment turned out...
Hummin' Hummus Dip Platter Recipe

Hummin' Hummus Dip Platter

By jean moore
Even if you do not like Hummus, you will probabaly like this. When I...
Hummus-easy/fast Recipe


By Victoria Dumon
The neighborhood girls are growing and hungry. To get them into a healthy habit without...
White Bean Green Hummus Recipe

White Bean Green Hummus

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
One of my snacks Il serve for st, patricks day. This is my recipe for hummus,...
Hummus Pita Sandwich Recipe

Hummus Pita Sandwich

By C C
Basic yummy sandwich that is good for packing on the run (no meat or mayo to...
Veggie Wrap Recipe

Veggie Wrap

By Kathy W
This is a quick meal for a hot summer day - no cooking. No tortillas? You can...
Spicy Garlic Hummus Recipe

Spicy Garlic Hummus

By Ashley Dawkins
This is a mixture of different hummus recipes, I couldn't decide on how to combine things,...
Hummus Soup Recipe

Hummus Soup

By Maggie May Schill
This is a vegetarian soup I was messing about with a few month back. It is...
Hummus Recipe


By Susan Bartley
Funny thing was I had the dry chickpeas for a year before I tried making hummus....
Tahini Paste Recipe

Tahini Paste

By Susan Bartley
I'm your original do it yourself kind of girl! So when I started making hummus,...
Yummus Recipe


By Tam D
I made this recipe for "other people" -- crazy people who liked garbanzo beans ;D ...
Passover:  Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus Recipe

PASSOVER: Authentic Middle Eastern Hummus

By Melanie Campbell
Authentic chummus is very different and SO much tastier than its American counterpart. This chummus is...
Hummus Recipe


By Sara Andrea
My nephews (8 and 10) love this recipe. It's the only way I can get...
Grilled Veggie And Hummus Wraps Recipe

Grilled Veggie and Hummus Wraps

By Lynette !
This recipe is great to use up summer vegetables! Love grilled veggies. I like to add...
Falafel Pita Wraps Recipe

Falafel Pita Wraps

By Amy Herald
I adore Falafel wraps! This is probably my all time favorite vegan dish! I'm not a...
Chipotle And Toasted Walnut Hummus Recipe

Chipotle and Toasted Walnut Hummus

By Tammy Brownlow
I decided to make a hummus to snack on this evening, but I was wanting something...