#Hearty Recipes

Cheesy And Zesty Carrots Recipe

Cheesy and Zesty Carrots

By Martha Price
I got this recipe from a little booklet entitled "Prize-Winning Vegetable Dishes". It is just like...
Hearty Meatball Vegetable Stew Recipe

Hearty Meatball Vegetable Stew

By Jenn Visser
We have a fabulous little cafe here in Hermitage, just outside Nashville, TN called Cafe Bosna....
Meatball Stroganoff Recipe

Meatball Stroganoff

By Beth M.
The fresh mushrooms make this especially delicious. It is great served with baked potatoes,mashed potatoes, noodles...
Celery Soup Recipe


By Jan W
This recipe has been in our family for years, my dad and grandmother made it all...
Kale Soup - Portuguese Style Recipe

Kale Soup - Portuguese Style

By Beth M.
A basic recipe for this popular Portuguese Soup, from a 1954 cookbook,Vineyard Fare. There are...
Creamy Egg Dressing With Grilled Romaine Hearts Recipe

Creamy Egg Dressing With Grilled Romaine Hearts

By Edna Davis
This grilled romaine heart salad is a taste of heaven, it's creamy, succulent, savory and delicious,...
Breakfast Bars Recipe

Breakfast Bars

By Judy Martin
This recipe is one of those that is good anytime, not just for breakfast. However, my...