Healthy Recipes

Amigo Pita Pocket Sandwiches Recipe

Amigo Pita Pocket Sandwiches

By Barb Janisse
I've been making these for years, always a favorite in our house. Healthy, delicious and easy...

Spring Slaw Recipe

Spring Slaw

By Donna Brown
This is the way my mother would make slaw from the early garden vegetables. That...

From Afghanistan With Love Recipe

From Afghanistan With Love

By Laurie Sanders
The first time I had this dish was at the Hellmand Afghani Restaurant in San Francisco....

Salsa Recipe


By Nancy Ward
I got this recipe from my daughter who lives outside of Atlanta Georgia. Her family loves...

Stuffed Green Peppers Without Meat! Recipe

Stuffed Green Peppers without meat!

By Beth M.
Green peppers always look so pretty stuffed, and I don't want any meat tonight.Also,I like to...

The Most Amazing Vegan Chili Ever Recipe

The most amazing vegan chili ever

By Joan Hunt
mole paste is available in the Mexican section of large supermarkets or in specialty markets. I found...