#Hashbrowns Recipes

Chorizo Garbage Plate

By Brandy Bender
All I can say is WOW!

Hashbrown Casserole

By Christine Chamberlain
Wonderful comfort food on a cold winter morning!

Texas Taters

By Lisa Johnson
My family loves potatoes. I make them for our home and it is so easy and...


By Lynn Socko
You can't get better hashbrowns at a resturant.


By BonniE !
This very pretty pie, with green and red colors, is a great dish for Christmas morning...


By BonniE !
These hashbrowns are better than the best restaurant hashbrowns we have ever tasted. Now you...

Great Hashbrown Casserole

By Cindy Berry
I found this recipe in our local paper a couple years ago. It was a recipe...

Deluxe Breakfast Sammie

By Lynn Socko
We had this for brunch today and it fits the critera for the sammie challenge: PANTRY bread...

Make Ahead Brunch Cups

By Beth Kjeldgaard
This recipe is from Kraft foods. I made them for a family brunch, and they got...

Breakfast Nests

By Melissa Varady
This is a versatile dish that is often requested by my daughter, especially when her class...

Cheesy Pico de Gallo hash browns

By Lynn Socko
What's better than fresh home made hash browns....how about add some pico de gallo and some...

Hashbrown Casserole

By mary Armstrong
This is very popular for potlucks! It goes with anything and it is a cinch...

Potato Egg Muffin Cups

By Natalie Loop
Brunch in a hurry. Great breakfast food all packaged in one little handful. This...

Hash brown Potatoes Deluxe veggie cheddar

By Deb Crane
Making hash browns from scratch is not at all difficult. Simple ingredients and down home...

Breakfast Cupcakes

By Eddy Thiel
Fun thing to make for brunch!

Homemade Hashbrowns

By Christopher Hile
The wife and i loved them.

Cheesy Potatoes

By Kim Biegacki
So, it's no secret my comfort foods are usually the indulging kind and this one ranks...

Breakfast Cupcakes

By Lonna Weidemann
These were great for the cabin because you can bake and freeze, then just reheat and...

Sunday Brunch Fritatta

By Robin Lieneke
This is a great light but filling meal. Perfect for a sleeping late, relaxing Sunday morning....

Crock Pot Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

By Adrienne May
This is a great breakfast/brunch dish. It tastes like the casserole from Cracker Barrel.

Cheesy Potatoes

By Danielle Amarillas
My aunt Lorena made these once and I've been hooked ever since! Been making this for...

Another Great Brunch Casserole

By Cassie *
I just love this type of breakfast / brunch casserole...they are great for taking to Church...hearty...

Cheesy Broccoli - Hashbrown - Chicken Casserole

By Cassie *
My Aunt always made this delicious casserole. I've tweaked it, to make it even better. My...
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