#Hardy Recipes

Garden Skillet

Garden Skillet

By Darell Bell
This is a recipe that my grandma would always make for us for dinner. We always...
The Chowder Is Finished, And Ready To Serve.

Very Filling!

Potato, Chicken and Corn Chowder

By Vicki H
Over time, I made this into a chowder from my Potato Soup recipe. We like...
This Is A Chunky, Hearty Soup That You Can Make With Fresh Or Canned Tomatoes.

Chunky Tomato Soup (Use fresh or canned tomatoes)

By Pat Morris
This is a chunky soup that you can make with fresh or canned tomaotes. This...
This Is A Chunky, Hearty Soup That You Can Make With Fresh Or Canned Tomatoes.

Nana's Burgue Soup

By Gloria Griffith
This recipe was from my mother in law Leona whom was one day making dinner and...
Southwest Corn Chowder

Southwest Corn Chowder

By Karl Strasser
A frend of mine was the owner of Tucson's Southwest Grill.I helped him put his menu...
Karl's Lamb Stew

Karl's Lamb Stew

By Karl Strasser
This is so flavorful. We will be having this on our Sunday Brunch. 4/3/14
Yam & Leek Soup

Yam & Leek Soup

By Jo Zimny
We love good soups and to combine sweet potatoes and leeks is definitely a marriage made...
Vintage Homemade Tamales....so Good!!!

Boot's Famous Hot Tamales

By Gertie Dockery
When my mother passed away years ago, her famous tamale recipe had never been written down....
Yum!! 12/2015

My Semi Homemade Meaty Spaghetti Sauce

By Tammy T
Everyone loves this spaghetti! I don't let them know my secret...Ragu. I have made spaghetti this...
So Yummy

Air Fryer Essentials: Cheesy Bacon/Egg Muffin

By Andy Anderson !
These are easy/peasy to assemble and they taste really, really yummy. You can vary the cheese...