#Hair Recipes

This Is A Well Seasoned And Delicious Pasta Salad.  It Has Become A Favorite In My Family.

Angel Hair Pasta Salad

By Sena Wilson
This salad is full of flavors. It should be made ahead and refrigerated at least...
Creamy Delicious Comfort... What Else Can Be Said!!!

Angel Nests with Meatballs and Creamy Sun Dried

By Didi Dalaba
I absolutely ADORE ANGEL HAIR PASTA, and totally am in LOVE with meatballs... couple it...
This Is How I Portioned It Out With Marinara Sauce

Baked Angel Hair Pasta Casserole

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff
My husband loves pasta and I am not a huge fan of the standards like spaghetti...
Coconut Oil Recipe To Prevent Hair Loss

Coconut Oil Recipe to prevent hair loss

By Martha Aguirre
I love to use coconut oil, I use it for my face, body and hair. This...
Crock Pot Angel Chicken

Crock Pot Angel Chicken

By Amy Herald
So good, and so easy to make!
Extreme Therpy For Damaged Hair

extreme therpy for damaged hair

By Stormy Stewart
This was used by my neighbor when I was young. She had the best hair I...
Fabric Softener
Cheap Easy And Non Toxic!!!

Fabric Softener

I use an old empty bottle of snuggle for storing this, it fits perfectly. Cheap and...
Macaroni Pie

Macaroni Pie

By Brandy Bender
Sounds Awesome!
Chalk Dyed

New Teen trends for hair

By Stormy Stewart
I remember being young. In my day we dyed our hair black and wore black eye...