#Guacamole Recipes

Ranchero Layer Dip Recipe

Ranchero Layer Dip

By Melissa Snow
One neighbor refers to this dip as the "everything but the kitchen sink dip." You...
Peggi's Grilled Turkey Guacamole Burgers Recipe


By Peggi Anne Tebben
These are great! I had some frozen ground turkey patties & some homemade guacamole & came...
Di's Chunky Guacamole Recipe

Di's Chunky Guacamole

By Diane Thompson
I went to a party and had a dip similar to this but did not see...
Dana's Holy Guacamole! Recipe

Dana's Holy Guacamole!

By Dana lanier
Haas Avacados at their best! Makes up real nice and stays FRESH looking. Make...
Guacamole En Molcajete Recipe

Guacamole en Molcajete

By Angela Moore
Guacamole en Molcajete from the famous Rosa Mexicano restaurant in New York. The restaurant prepares...
Asparagus Guacamole Recipe

Asparagus Guacamole

By A C
A delicious, lighter version of traditional guac. with a lot less fat!
Avacado And Oregano Relish Recipe

Avacado and Oregano Relish

By Patrick Johnson
This recipe is great with chips but also serves as the perfect cooling sidecar with a...
Jalapeno Avacado Dip Recipe

Jalapeno Avacado Dip

By Kathie Carr
I love avacado. This is a simple and very tasty dip. Great for the holidays. I...
Best Quick & Easy Guacamole Recipe

Best Quick & Easy Guacamole

By Fran Say
The first time I made this I couldn't believe how incredibly simple it was. I've tried...
Fish In A Blanket Recipe

Fish in a Blanket

By Lynda Hayes
This dish was created out of compromise. My husband is not a fish lover, but he...
Veggie Cheese Enchiladas With Guac! Recipe

Veggie Cheese Enchiladas with Guac!

By Cindy DeVore
I love-love Mexican food! My first memories of eating anything remotely spicy and, what we thought...
Tex Mex Burgers Recipe

Tex Mex Burgers

By brittni trudgen
These burgers are so good. I make them all the time. Friends and family always request...
Easy Beef Taquitos Recipe

Easy Beef Taquitos

By Brandy Bender
Like tacos, only neater to eat, taquitos have plenty of kid appeal. In Mexico, they're often...
Super Easy Guacamole Recipe

Super Easy Guacamole

By Erin Rigsby
This is my super easy guacamole recipe - always a hit!
Holy Guacamole! Recipe

Holy Guacamole!

By Jacinda Santiago
I've spent years perfecting my guacamole. It's always a hit at parties. I feel shallots complement...
Grubbin' Good Spicy Guacamole Recipe

Grubbin' Good Spicy Guacamole

By Dee Stillwell
Guacamole has always been a family favorite, but they like my homemade over the ones served...
Chunky Guacamole With Tomato Recipe

Chunky Guacamole with Tomato

By N Gardner
I have been making this for years, and always get raves for it. You can...
Giddyup Guacamole Recipe

Giddyup Guacamole

By Natalie Loop
I am a stay at home mom with a home-based business. During the day I...
Gourmet Guacamole Recipe


By Kathryn Hartwell
In addition to being yummy,avocadoes are good for you. About 75% of their calories come from...
Deviled Guacamole Recipe

Deviled Guacamole

By peggy Calhoun
This is a healthier version of the classic deviled egg, replacing the majority of egg yolks...
Buffalo Bacon Blue Cheese Guacamole Recipe

Buffalo Bacon Blue Cheese Guacamole

By Susan Cutler
This is only a two day posting for Lauren's Latest! I couldn't help myself, it honestly...
Potato Nachos Recipe

Potato Nachos

By Eddie Szczerba
A favorite for the super bowl party!!
Pineapple Chipotle Mango Guacamole Recipe

Pineapple Chipotle Mango Guacamole

By Julie Madawi
This is a recipe that appeared in the April/May 2013 issue of Publix Family Style magazine....
Blt Guacamole Recipe

BLT Guacamole

By Julie Madawi
I found this recipe in the April/May 2013 Publix Family Style magazine. As these recipes...