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    Hot and Sour Soup

    By Carole Davis
    We love Hot and Sour Soup but most we have gotten for take out pale in...

    "Mexajun" Quesadillas

    By Candace Lemings
    Quesadillas with a slight Cajun twist! (Invented by my redneck husband.)

    U.S Senate Bean Soup

    By billy haze
    The U.S Senate has come to stand for many things in our Republic. One is its...

    Chicken or Turkey Enchiladas / Holiday Helper

    By Tammy Kendell
    This recipe is great for left over holiday turkey! The recipe originated in a 1989 edition of...

    Spicy Teriyaki Country Ribs

    By Cassie *
    We like my Spicy Teriyaki boneless chicken wings so much that the family asked me to...

    Baked Chicken Chimichangas

    By Vickie Parks
    My friend Nancy shared this recipe with me years ago, and it's the recipe I always...

    David's Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

    By David Kuhlmann
    Red beans and rice is a South Louisiana Monday dinner staple. Enjoy it with cornbread or...

    Scrambled Egg Bake

    By Mary Ann Hanson
    This is different from other egg bakes as you scramble the eggs first. It has...

    Albóndigas al chipotle (spicy meatball soup)

    By Meredith Marin
    Great for rainy days and using leftover rice!

    Cheesy Chicken and Vegetable Chowder

    By cindy sandberg
    This is just a really good soup! Even though it's a creamy, cheesy soup, it's actually...
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    12 Lovely Coffee Cake Recipes

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    Pecan Desserts That Aren’t Pie

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