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    Never Fail easy apple spice cake

    By linda knowling
    The original recipe for this super moist and dense cake called for 2 eggs. I was...

    Anise cookies

    By maria maxey
    Great old fashion cookie from grandmmy's and now my grandbaby .Brienna

    Pumpkin Bread with Maple Cream cheese

    By Cathy Smith
    Humbleness is a great gift, and ordinarily I never think I make the best of anything,...


    By maria maxey
    ITS one of old but delicious bread, slice from heaven.A GREAT seduction of aroma, smells, to...

    Peanut Butter Bowser Biscuits (for doggies) Gift-n a jar

    By Stormy Stewart
    My dogs love peanut butter and vanilla so I add 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla to these...

    Holiday Gifting Ricotta Egg Biscuits

    By Sandra McGrath
    My mother always made these on holidays. She would wrap them in festive cellophane paper and...

    Puppy chow for people Gift in a jar

    By Stormy Stewart
    Lately I have had people at work ask me how to make puppy chow. Here is...

    Curried Fruit Sauce for Holiday Meats

    By Chilly Butt
    This is an easy sauce to compliment most holiday meats. From Ham to Turkey, it works...

    Arlene's Holiday Gift Bread

    By Mary Allen
    This recipe is from a dear friend who recently passed away!! She was also my boss...

    Casserole for one "Gift in a jar" Bacon lovers

    By Stormy Stewart
    These are the bacon edition of casseroles for one Gift in a jar. great for a...

    Penuche for Christmas Gift-Giving

    By Pat Duran
    This is quick and easy- especially if you have a lot of gifts to...

    Dough For Holiday Ornaments

    By Jo Zimny
    I put this under breads because I had to choose a category for this recipe for...


    By Lyn Starr
    This is a favorite recipe of my whole family for the holidays. Everyone that's ever...

    Citrus Honey Mustard Glaze for Holiday Ham

    By Melissa Turner
    Just made this for our Christmas ham and it is delicious.
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